Will Colleges Accept Homeschool Science?


Is it possible for homeschool to provide high school science that will be acceptable to colleges? My boys were biology, chemistry and physics at home, all with science labs, without outside help from schools or co-op. Not only did the science colleges take our files, they offered us too great grants, two of a full-tuition scholarships first choice university my son!

In homeschool, we had “Biology with Lab” on the transcript. I gave the course descriptions for colleges. Course description of the paragraph long, and described how to teach biology. Much of the information I got from the catalog description of the textbook we used. I wrote a list of labs that we did, with a list of table of contents of the book. I showed my benchmark scores, carefully treat each section grade and grade for each lab write-up my kids over. Good lab write up was 100%, but some of them “were not so good.” As colleges gave a detailed explanation of exactly what our backup meant when he said “a biology lab.” I saved all the tests and all the lab write-ups, if the college would ask for samples of their work (some did!).

We did all our work in all science our home with us. To be honest, I do not know anything about physics, so my kids were completely on your own with that one (with a little help from the video tutorial.) I just go test and looked at the lab write ups. (If lab write up makes sense to me, they got 100% – if it did not make sense to me, they got something less.) While I understand the biology and chemistry, they did most of the work on their own as well.

many (even most) colleges will take a lab science done at home. There are some exceptions, though. For example, University of Washington wants “proof” of science. That’s why they prefer the ACT test. Act more than reading, writing and mathematics. It includes science as well. They take the ACT test as “proof”. They also take SAT 2, AP and community college science lab as “proof”. But University of Washington is in the minority, because most colleges do not have additional requirements. The UW policy have also changed a lot over time. If your child is interested in any university, it’s a good idea to check their policies every year, because they can change dramatically.


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