Why Sherlock Holmes is considered the best Fictional Detective


There are fictional detectives and it is Sherlock Holmes. What is it about these characters that have driven people around the world are crazy about him. It is difficult to explain in words why he is so fancied by people around the world but the first thing that comes to my mind is his quick wit and impeccable deduction skills that makes Sherlock so irresistible.

Here’s my top 3 list of what I love about Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels.

  1. The scene: I’ve been smitten by the quaint English countryside. The fact that this is set in the 18-19 century London, adds a very historic feel to the stories. Each story takes you on a trip to old England countryside, cabs, attire and the whole environment of each story, walk back into history. Also makes the fact that you may have read many stories in your youth you also look back with nostalgia every time you select your Sherlock Holmes Collection.
  2. The narrative method: Most of us are familiar with Dr. Watson and real stories are told through the eyes of Dr Watson makes it so much more enjoyable as you tend to see the great detective with eyes frequently. When Sherlock contact Dr. Watson, it feels as if he is communicating with readers and it increases the overall complexion read these wonderful stories.
  3. The Science of Deduction: Above all, it enthralls Sherlock Holmes fans most is his seems a fact but thoroughly logical deduction totally mundane situations. From the increase in the shirt, he could draw from that of man, from spots on the other hand, he could tell chores throughout the day that person had resolved. This form usually the most exciting part of the story -. Following how Sherlock made his deductions

confirmed Sherlock Holmes fan, I told you that each of his 56 short stories and four novels are masterpieces in themselves. Author – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has created a fictional character who went on to become a legend in its own right. He became so popular that people actually began to send letters directly to 221B Baker Street (the address of his stories). No other fictional detective has had such a massive fan following that Sherlock Holmes has.

Collection of Sherlock Holmes stories are a family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation. I’ve had my collection. What about you?


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