Why Science is so much fun for kids


Science is fun and interesting stuff for kids because it is all around us. Some do not realize that science is the case when in almost everything you do, such as cooking, cleaning, and play. When people think of science they probably remember the classroom teacher boring lectures, but the good news is that the process is becoming a thing of the past. Science is brought into TV with police dramas like CSI.

Most children of primary school want to grow up and be a police officer, the police officer to help people and they always catch the bad guy. For children this is the best in the world, and for us as parents that we can not think of a better example for our children and a policeman. CSI shows kids how science is used to solve crimes and catch the bad guys. While children may not understand the exact methods of DNA and the other, each kid knows about fingerprints. Teachers can set up a mock crime scene and children lift fingerprints and other methods of crime lab. At the end children can solve the crime and write a report on who they think did it, how they figured out who did it, etc. This is a fun exercise for kids to do and it’s all hands on.

Another reason kids love science is what other stuff you get to learn about space. Children of all ages are fascinated with the concept of space and aliens. Space is also interesting because it involves flying in a rocket and go places no one has gone before. The whole idea of ​​what if allows children to use their imagination and learn at the same time.

Science is also fun because you can mix the ingredients together and do new things. Children from an early age to learn that if you take the dirt and water mixed with what you get mud. And learning does not stop there, as they get older learn more about combining ingredients to make new things. Science allows children to make play dough, cookies, slime and all kinds of other coarse and fun things. In addition, kids can just experiment on your own to see what they can come up with.

Another part of science is expensive. Almost all kids love to learn about animals. Basic science about animals involves ant farms, children can build up a jar, some dirt and mites. The best part about ant farms is digging in the mud and trying to find ants. But as children get older they can take this type of science to another level, which may include biology and anatomy.

For kids science is fun because what other stuff do you get to have all your questions answered and use your imagination to create things. Science is also filled with the wonders of other worlds, such as dinosaurs and why they died, space and walking on the moon, and solve crimes. Science involves experimenting and most kids love to try it to see if they work. For example, physical science may drop eggs from the roof to see if it will break, or what will fall faster pound of feathers or a pound of bricks. By getting hands-on children can figure out these answers and many other answers, hands-on experiments make science more fun and exciting.


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