Why people love Science Fiction Movies


science fiction movies are one of the sources that people just can not get enough of. They appeal to the need that people have to believe that there is something else out there as well as us. When people need something to believe in that they either lean toward religion or science. Those who tend to scientific love this kind of movies.

People also like to ask, “what if …” in different ways. Science fiction movies allow people to open their imaginations to all kinds of possibilities. What if there is life on other planets? What if that life came to Earth? What if the organism was bad? What if the organism was good? All these questions are things that we ask ourselves these types of movies allow us to explore the possibilities.

science fiction movies are often a lot of things that we want in the movies. There is uncertainty and tension. There are battle scenes and sometimes even romance. The narrative is often of high quality and thought provoking questions directly. These films often deal with issues such as ethics and philosophy and can make us think for days on end.

There are many great science fiction movies out there, and they appeal to a wide audience. If you’ve never watched Sci Fi flicks before check out some of these classic movies

· The Matrix Trilogy: This trilogy of science fiction film tells Neo and his friends as it addresses the question, What if this life is not real? What if we have another life and the life we ​​think we live is just a dream?

· Star Wars movies: This series of movies held Sci-Fi fans on the edge of their seats for more than a decade of films that came together in love, ethics, power, fight for right and wrong, and of course, the survey universe.

· Star Trek Movies: In recent decades there have been many Star Trek Movies Made. Older films are as charming as new and characters draw you in.

· Planet of the Apes: The first movie was made in 1968 made us think about what would have happened if we had not quite developed. A remake of the original film in 2001.

· ET: This is one of the first films that made people think about foreigners in a positive way. Children and adults alike fell in love with this sweet extra-terrestrial who just wanted to go home.


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