What makes Science Fiction good?


Science describes the world and surprisingly better than more ordinary real world. It is the world and the universe that it is possible to imagine being. The author imagined is presented as real and as far as the experience of the author as being real. Before us are the wonders of this technology has yet to produce, marvelous device is right and what is wrong with the real world and give us what we want from the real world. The perceived reality of the instruments tells us that they will ever be available for our use. We are uplifted by the idea that life will be good for these marvelous inventions.

Science promises to our imaginations are prolific creators who can give us a way to make a living being as we would like it to be. It promises more than an idle hope. Science has probably been the inspiration for many technological inventions. Indulging imagination in science fiction story shows how our intellects can produce it, which has not been thought of before. Knowing that new ideas can be conjured gives diagnosed que to create and desire to create.

Good science fiction has characters with admirable qualities that deal with difficult situations in a creative way. Central characters interact primarily with other characters in an exemplary manner that encourages us to want to be able to imitate. The interaction of the characters and plot combine to make us proud to be human, and encourages us to pursue ideals. Just as with real people, science fiction characters are often given the flaws and weaknesses that they either struggle to overcome or, for the most part, be taken as just part of the overall package of good characteristics, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Sagan uses science to explain the mechanics of all that is around us. We are warned of the dangers and informed of the possibilities. We are exposed to what is unique and unexpected. And in the process we are entertained.

overall science fiction novel can be thought of as an expression of our dreams, wants, needs, and aspirations. It’s all laid out before us in enough detail to plunge us into another world that seems real. It is surprisingly experience that encourages us to look really our world with more reverence. Good science ROUSES spirit, encourage us to improve our lot with imagination and perseverance.


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