“Universal consciousness” Both nonfiction and Science Fiction – Wallace D wattles a True Visionary


When I was a younger man, before the responsibility of being married and raising children, I would read science fiction novels regularly. Many of the great sci-fi writers such as Heinlein and Asimov are the ones that come to mind that incorporated the mind with moral and personal development. I had always wanted to be like Valentine Michael Smith from Heinlein’s “in a foreign land.” He was able to use the power of his mind to create his own world and teach others that it was an alternate universe of their control.

Well, science has really changed with the movie “The Secret” and now I have found the base image was created “The Science of Getting Rich”. Since reading “Science of Getting Rich” and watching “The Secret”, all my outlook on life has changed. I do not believe anymore that my life is out of control and my world has to play a competitive field. Do not play a competitive field has released me from the anger I had worn for most of my life because of the feeling that life will be a struggle and battle to get what you want. I’ve learned that all you have to do is ask and the universe will provide it. When you change your mind set and start to appreciate what you have and what you want, “Universal Consciousness” reciprocates those positive vibrations with what you ask for.

What is amazing about “The Science of Getting Rich” is that it was written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910 as cars were coming into the world and aircraft ‘infancy. Technology was to promote industrialization and human vision was to exploit the opportunities. These men of wealth and vision knew the “secret” and pulled it from the masses to ensure that they kept their place in the world and control the population. Everyone now has the opportunity to have a universe of their control, provided the individual is willing to practice “The Science of Getting Rich” and learn to take control of their own minds.

The gist of what I am saying is that “Rich” has many more forms than just monetary wealth. Emotional, mental and health are other riches we can not live without if we hope to consider ourselves the whole man. One last note to make is that those who read science fiction will know that it is not always the fiction writer has sometimes been a philosopher, prophet and moral guide.

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