Types of Science Fiction


There are three main types of science fiction and they are even the focus of some of his sub-species. Knowing what type you want to write is among the first steps in the writing process. Three types are space, fantasy and war.

Space Trip

Space science tends to be the most popular type simply because it allows the author to use as many theories as they want within history. Sub-types for this are going into space, aliens, and come from outer space, which takes up a lot of sub-categories of this type

Space fiction always has three basic necessities for it. ship, reason, and the crew. The ship will provide you with a framework for most of the crew will make the book even when they are on another planet. There is always a reason why the crew has to deal with space and this is usually the main plot of the story.

Fantasy Types

Fantasy science fiction can also take place in space and / or war poetry. There is only one detail that separates this group from all other science classes it is the only item or items that can not be explained away by science.

Fantasy science fiction novels are really just a ball of fun for those who love to think of ideas and just paste them into a story without a viable explanation. This class allows you to use all the techniques, theory and fantasy elements that you could ever want. Many writers within this category difficult to go out from among them, because there is very little literature limitation in this category compared to others.

War Types

war science fiction series sums up nearly every other subgroup left and ironically, many writers of fiction will only post war fiction novel. This type of poetry requires detailed knowledge of the existing weapons and how to improve them. Stargate series is a great example of strict almost-war fiction plot they use the teachings of new weapons and how they came to.

These are the most common types of science fiction novels in the market. They are easy to get in and there are plenty of examples to follow. When you write fiction, you always do research on the science must be used within the novel; the better developed science is more reader will enjoy. Deciding on the right type of fiction is one of the first steps in the writing process.


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