The Science Of Bodybuilding Supplements – What Works, really does work



Bodybuilding supplements can be a minefield. With so many outrageous claims about Sub par products that fail to even remotely deliver as promised or, worse still, businesses unconscionably sell totally useless product using institutionalized fraud inherent in most muscle media it is no wonder.

The fact that we present the Ultimate Body Success program is in effect, there is a small handful of supplements that work quite well, and the key is to know what they are, what brand you can trust, and what science says and finally test it for yourself – after all everyone is different and even though you get the data, it may not be enough for you to justify the cost. Getting savvy enough to do this, however, may take some work, but if you are serious about results then this is definitely an area to put some effort into. It gets easier with time, however, and I designed systematically UBS to give any fast-track to a solid grounding in the field of body building supplements.

Complex research aside, however, it is always nice to see some “real world” results – as always come from a small handful of supplements that really work to balance all hyped up nonsense that is out there

I recently had the pleasure of designing a supplement program for promising young AFL (Aussie. soccer) player, who was one of the best 200 young talents to choose for the annual draft Camp. Use only three major additional weapons from everyday arsenal, increasing his recovery and endurance, he managed his all time record in the main selection trials by significant margins. Most importantly, however, the response from his brother, the supplements worked great and that was what gave him an extra edge. Leading Draft Camp had been interested companies in this youngster and later I hear from her brother after his performance in the camp, almost every company is now interested in. On top of that, although he was almost certainly going to be selected in the draft, it looks like and now he has moved up maybe 20-30 games or more, increasing the chances of being picked up by a good company and increase beginning his salary by a healthy margin as well.

key thing to note here is that supplements alone will not get you the ultimate, Rippling, muscular, healthy, fit body you want. Even the best possible supplements on the market, which are supported by an objective and unbiased, solid research is really the icing on the cake – 10-15% increase actually caps of your work with intuitive and intelligent training is what will get you to the peak of physical prowess. Furthermore, if you really want to know what will skyrocket results beyond belief, the time needed for the perfect addition / s need for the ultimate clean eating regime. Marry clean, functional eat with intelligent training and that is what will bring you quite explosive results. End of story.


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