The greatest Funny Science Fiction Books


If you think science fiction books are not your cup of tea, then you should think again and read this article. Among the myriad of science fiction novels written, most people are not worth remembering or even read. But some of them will be included in the collective memory of our genial literary works. Maybe one day science get as much credentials as a “normal” literature.

among the best SF books available, it is a genre that draws my attention. This type is funny SF. Humor is a virtue that touches everyone. According to the philosopher Henri Bergson, laughing is the only quality that distinguishes humans from animals. As humor is universal appeal, one may not particularly enjoy science fiction stories, but may well enjoy this very funny and very genial masterpiece.

Many science fiction writers have a talent for humor. These include Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein, Frederik Pohl and Kurt Vonnegut (if you consider him to SF writer). These authors have easy prose filled with funny characters. But some science fiction books stand out for their funny genius.

“The Space Merchants”, written by Kornbluth and Pohl, is a novel about dysfunctional future where advertising has taken over. The world described is overwhelming and very avant-garde, think this novel was written in the 50!

Another great work is “The Sirens of Titan” created by Kurt Vonnegut. This is the second novel Vonnegut, and probably one of the best ones of his. Saga was too ridiculous to continue. But as usual with Vonnegut, mysterious Dystopian future world he describes is majestically filled with stingy political satire.

Finally, Douglas Adams’ “trilogy in five parts” is a series of novels worth reading, science fiction aficionado or not. Originally founded as a radio, the story of earthling named Arthur and extraterrestrial friend, hitch hiking through the Galaxy is the work of breathtaking imagination and brute force funny.

So if you’re still not convinced that science books are not for you, think again and choose one of these books for a try.


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