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Pages overflow with words on the relations between science and religion. And it’s all good. Humanity has not yet reconciled the two, and many take sides claim either one or the other to be more true. However, in the debate, even discord, exploration for deeper understanding evokes humanity.

So let me add a few more pages.

The apparent lack of miracles

Consider the true claim that few if any clear miracles have occurred in the last century, basically from dawn scientific era. Many may disagree, even harder, but let’s take this statement.

What was clear miracle? Anything four main Gospels show Christ performed, ie direct, measurable transformation beyond all known scientific explanation and extraordinary in the transformation. We will add to current miracle requires verification by a number of non-religious authorities and supervision of many.

As stated, let’s not take such a miracle has taken place over the past centuries.

Would that be something? I would offer that it was not. Lack of a miracle would shed little or no light on questions about the existence of the supernatural, and the relationship of science and religion.

In the great Foundation series, Issac Asimov is coming out of the great mathematician Hari Seldon develops technologies, psycho history, which can predict the future of the Galactic Empire. Seldon predicts thirty Millennium dark ages, and sets in motion a plan to shorten the thousand years. The program cycles through stages where different cultural forces, be it technology or trade or worship, each have priority. The flow of these cycles creates sweep of history that will shorten the way of the Dark Ages.

Religious salvation in the hands of God could easily run through the stages. Just like Seldon psycho history ran through the levels, religious freedom may need sequential sweep of levels. We could be a meaningful level no miracles, where the secular development of science can serve as a key stage help sweep

. You can find this hypothesis incredible, even ridiculous. You can say no sweep of salvation history. But you can not build it protests the “obvious” current no miracle era. Any lack of miracles in modern times not disprove the existence of miracles in other times, nor does it disprove the existence of God, nor does it disprove the existence sweep of salvation history.

miracle, God sweep of salvation history might be, even if the current period lack miracle.

The Efficiency of Science

Science stands as among the objective pursuits of mankind. Many have written about how cultural and organizational imperatives turn and corrupt science. However, Science requires objective observational evidence, and at the end of the observation has banished threads theories are wrong thinking.

Moreover, at every turn Science has overcome the obvious limitation visible. Observations are becoming more expensive, for example, Large Haldron Collider, or James Webb Space Telescope, but I for one would not be surprised if Science develops techniques to monitor events for the Big Bang, or occur in other multi-verses.

There is uncertainty. All past and ongoing success of Science, it is speculation, not fact, to achieve scientific explanations can expand forever. We extrapolate from past and current performance of the science can continue to solve the problem; but we do not know for sure.

Some might say that we have faith in science.

You may object. Certainly career scientific explanation provides proof of future action. But we have been in science for a relatively short time, in historical terms, four centuries ago, maybe five. And just as the apparent lack of miracles in five centuries provides, in my opinion, no firm foundation to describe Religion irrelevant, performance scientific five centuries provides no evidence, only faith that science can expand its reach forever.

Am I stating Science will hit the limit? No. What I’m saying is that when I, like us, looking for meaning and truth, I will not, and the joint can not throw that Science could reach the limit.

The Science of Religion

religion seeks to give insight into what is beyond, beyond the senses and beyond our understanding. Religion provides an illustration of our afterlife and our origins and our purpose and our destiny.

And in numerical and Commitment, faith has to have great success. Billions of people profess faith and belief in dogma and revelations of Religion and iconic figures Religion, such as Christ, Muhammad and Buddha.

But as I argue that future efficacy Science can be considered as an article of faith, not definitely, I will argue that faith Religion contains a weakness born of essentially complete absence, dare say disavowal of any scientific explanation.

Why Religion missing scientific underpinning? Because of Religion lags the supernatural God has in the past and continue now to enter into the world. He spoke to the prophets, he became a man, he did a miracle, he hears our prayers, he sends us grace, gives wisdom. How God achieve it? By what mechanism he reached from the supernatural to the natural influence tangible our world?

Let’s take a simple example. Before the trip, the faithful pray to God for safe bus tour. How does God hear the prayer? At any point, not our words and thoughts punching envelopes existence and enter the transcendental state. No scientific study has knocked over any examples that would correspond to our words or spiritual thoughts go to the supernatural realm.

And how does God make our trip safe? How it affects the mental state of the driver to pay attention, what electro-chemical or quantum-entangled signal is a transcendental consciousness send to make eye neurons in the brain more susceptible to the driver in the coming dangers. Science has never seen such effects

In response often say that one must recognize God’s method of a mystery. that one must believe.

It’s okay. But at some point, just like Science to see continued activity of religious items, Religion must ensure continuity in its theology includes several hotels in the scientific underpinning for the mechanisms of natural influence our reality.

Christ turned water into wine in real space, in real time, and those who drank the liquid perceive wine. Christ walked on water. Christ rose from the dead. They are physical events, involving matter and energy transformation. Unless Religion wants to recognize cases were illusions or trickery, some physical system runs the events, and it is likely that the hardware is visible. It could be hardware out what science we know, but the arrangements will be, as I see it, something noticeable.

The rejoinder be God suspended the laws of physics. The question is. How? What area or hardware or power does God uses to effect the suspension?

One can see that blasphemy search for a scientific explanation of God. God is beyond science; we can not know it through science. It may be. God can remain outside of Science. What does not seem outside the Science is a system of his influence.

The Journey

Religion and science both seek the truth. And sometimes for some, and sometimes many, religion and science, both institutions and bodies, do they have the truth, or the truth lies just around the next discovery.

But we could be mistaken. The truth may not be available, or even close.

Remember what we just covered. The presence of a miracle, or rather the lack of light, stands as a hot button focus, even controversy, but my contention that emphasis is misplaced. Science sees himself as a goal, but my contention ultimate effect Science rests on the kind of faith. Religion sees his kingdom as a spiritual, but share my faith fails to recognize how it will address its compliance and integration with Science.

So we have a common postulation that could be wrong.

And the same way, the postulation might be right that the truth may be present, we have no certainty about it. In many past times, individuals convicted, preached and proclaimed religious or scientific truth to be complete, only for the second time to discover the mystery.

So we can not be near the truth. It postulation may be wrong. The ultimate truth of God and science could span above us over the wonders of the Earth span above the understanding of animals. We could not have a greater understanding of the butterfly in a space ship.

With this perspective that our journey to the truth can have many eras go, centuries, Millennium, centuries century, I do not who has more truth, if Science is closer or Religion is covering. We are on the path to truth. Too much lies ahead of us to look aside and argue with our fellow travelers.


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