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Forgot Science Fiction TV


Some TV shows were so limited that they had forgotten some who watched them and never heard of at all and most. Here are just a few of the most short-lived science fiction shows

“Quark” :. Richard Benjamin commands space garbage truck in the 23rd century. This one lasted only eight episodes, but while not consistently funny, it really is not so bad. The series parodied “Star Wars”, “2001”, “Flash Gordon” and especially, “Star Trek”. Look for a young Tim Thomerson Gene / Jean, a man with a full set of male and female chromosomes known as “transmute.” The rest of the cast includes necessary Spock-style alien sidekick, Ficus. He comes from the planet of humanoid plants called Vegetons.

A highlight for the kids was CYB and Tricia Barnstable Betty, one was a clone. Only one of them said the other was a clone, so we never knew for sure. Ever. Who knows if we ever would have

“Max Headroom”: 20 minutes in the future – subtitular timing of this order ‘- TV off switches are illegal, credit fraud is worse than murder, and journalist? lose his / her vidicam is hanging offense. Sounds like a nightmare, all right. According to this innovative series, the ’80s icon proved to be what might be one of the first avatars, created by young computer nerd from the brainwaves of the crusading investigative reporter Edison Carter (Matt Frewer).

After a long wait, “Max Headroom” is finally on DVD! Give him a chance, with an open mind and perhaps a few drinks

“The Star Lost” :. Infamous by author Harlan Ellison separate themselves from it, “The Star Lost” ran for about half a season starting in autumn 1973. The Earthship Ark is a huge starship that is being carried many special biospheres in the farthest reaches of space for centuries. Over time, this fact was forgotten for generations. It is up to three refugees from Amish-style ecosystem to find someone to do the instructions for the ship before it encounters end with the star and defeated its purpose. Seems mysterious apocalypse wiped out the Earth and several other planets in our solar system, and the Ark has been carrying the last of mankind for centuries. The fact has not been returned to the more recent generations, so that they do not know they are traveling through space. The Ark will of course be corrected in time?

video format of the exhibition, including the much-hyped Chroma key effects not help “The Star Lost.” Worse yet, a technical consultant Ben Bova also left, complaining that production staff would not listen to him. He and Ellison who had the last laugh, though. A protege of Ellison wrote the novel version of the original “Star Lost” pilot, and Bova wrote “The Star Crossed,” a novel lampooning all chaos. It chronicles managed the production of the first 3DTV series, cost ring French Jock who speaks broken English.

nowadays, TV dramas with a dash of sci fi and fantasy (“Lost,” “Fringe,” “Ghost Whisperer”) can coax the audience. Apparently Max was too weird and Dystopian and “Star Lost” may have been either too pessimistic or just too low-budget. Thanks to the Internet and DVD, countless shows can be enjoyed by those who missed them the first time. So if you can, give them a chance. You may be surprised.


8th Grade Science Fair Project


Any topic can be selected for 8th grade Science Fair projects, provided that it uses the scientific method. It is better to take simple, which is experimental in nature and not a design model. The topic selected for the 8th grade Science Fair project should not be a replica of the already tried an experiment. The original experiment should not be represented as such out any changes. The person, who works on the subject, should have full knowledge of the material presented. Project or experiment, even if it is small should focus on and the show should be complete and comprehensible.

Data and parameters should be represented on the graph in a neat and attractive way. Equations can be used to show relationships between variables. And vague expression of ideas by waving hands should be avoided. Unlike MIDDLE SCHOOL task to find resources in encyclopedias or web resources will not be enough. Further references need to be in recent publications, a high school text, etc to cover adult audience. 8th grade science fair project should be stable but the material given. Display boards need to be used to display data. The project should include interviews with the judges and one should be prepared for that too.

General fields where you can choose the subject for 8th grade Science Fair projects are anatomy, astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, microbiology, physics, physiology, zoology and so on. 8th grade science fair project should be submitted in any particular field. It should take a little experimental research, concept development, some invention or design some thing new and so on.

main processes involved in 8th grade Science Fair projects can be explained on different levels. It includes a selection of appropriate materials, gather information, prepare a plan on how to proceed, prepare a project based on the program, trying out the experiment, find out what impact by analyzing the data, write the report, which makes the publication of the project, practice for the actual presentation, execution actually demo. When all these procedures are properly carried out then the result will be really amazing.

presentation of a report to the 8th grade Science Fair projects should be treated with proper care. Since it is the one that is going to be a record for the work one has done in the 8th grade Science Fair projects. The report shall consist of a list of contents and page numbers, abstract project, research report, purpose, hypothesis, materials, procedures, findings, conclusions, acknowledgments and bibliography. Care and participation in work is necessary for utilization of the project.


Battlestar Galactica is more than science fiction


Three science fiction television series stand head and shoulders above all the rest: Startrek (original and all its derivatives), Babylon 5, and Battlestar Galactica. Firefly had a chance to join this elite group, but it was all too short-lived. The focus of this article is on Battlestar, where the series is entering the final season.

Current Battlestar Galactica is a great science fiction series. No, it is too weak declaration; Battlestar Galactica may be the best dramatic show on the tube, regardless of the type. In 2006, BG won a Peabody Award, a first for SciFi Channel. Time Magazine named it one of the top shows on television and described it as ripping sci-fi allegory of the war against terrorism, complete with religious fundamentalists sleeping cells, civil liberties crackdowns and even a prisoner torture scandal.

BG premiered in 2003 as a mini series, loosely based on the exhibition of the same name that ran on television in the late seventies. But the originally popcorn series, the current BG addresses real issues of war. This article presents a series to those who are not regular viewers, and it gives one of the difficult issues that it addresses.

The story begins with a devastating attack intelligent androids (Cylons) that wiped out almost all the human race a few hundred soldiers who escape Battlestar Galactica, aging but still powerful army spaceship, and somewhat less than fifty thousand civilians cloth tag collection of ships. BG protects citizens from the Cylons, who are determined to complete the destruction of mankind. The goal is to get people in Ceylon and find the mythical planet, which has great religious significance for these people.

main characters are Commander William Adama (Edward James Álmos), the disciplined, unrelenting military leader; President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), pragmatic, newly elected civilian an increasingly devout and charismatic in motion; and Kara (Starbuck) Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), loud, immature but expert Viper pilot who may have a special destiny in the search for Earth. The most interesting character is Gaius Baltar, brilliantly portrayed by James Callis, a scientist at the genius level intellect, but also arrogant, untrustworthy and sexually promiscuous.

This article discusses how the torture of the enemy was depicted on the show and how it relates to our war with the forces of terrorism. May torture under certain circumstances, but not others? And what is really torture?

The factor that really shows the torture issue is Flesh and Bone, where they have reached Leoben, the Cylon who has planted a nuclear bomb somewhere in the fleet, which he claims will explode in nine hours. Starbuck has responsibility for questioning, and she is told to do whatever she needs to do to find the bomb. After all, are not human Cylons

Starbuck is fierce. Guards beat and waterboard Leoben, but he does not crack. Rosella connects interrogation and stops the hard treatment. Apparently relying Rosella, Leoben acknowledges that the bomb was a hoax, a bad move. Nothing to fear, Rosella he flushed airlock into space. He was too dangerous, in her opinion, to stay alive. Starbuck has repeatedly questioned about their actions, and she asks for Cylon.

This episode is a metaphor for the war between the West and Islamic fundamentalists. Consider this situation: FBI capture Al Qaeda leader and search his computer, where they found a plan to explode a bomb (not nuclear) in the American city, but the plan does not name a specific city or a time bomb set to go off. The senior FBI agent is ordered to interrogate prisoners, but the agent does not receive the necessary information through traditional interrogation. Then the agent is said that the president has authorized waterboarding, even though legally it is a form of torture. Should an agent to do it?

Prisoners says the computer was just handed to him yesterday, and he knows nothing about the bomb, except as described in the program. May torture prisoners when the FBI does not know for sure whether he has information? On the other hand, when the FBI will ever know for sure? If they waterboard him, are they any better than the enemy? But they should allow blast kill hundreds of people rather than torture the truth from prisoners? And yet waterboarding really torture? It does not cause permanent damage, right?

What should the FBI do? Water Board or not?


Science Project Idea for 4th grade student


Here’s the science project idea. Children in elementary school, such as the 4th through 6th grade would be able to do this as well as middle school 7th and 8th grade students. In this science project you have to decide what content is most acid in it to clean Tarnish Off of coins

things you need to work :.

  • 8 cups
  • 8 tarnished copper pennies
  • Tomato
  • Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • Window Cleaner
  • A household cleaner like simple green or fantastic
  • Ammonia
  • Toothpaste
  • baking soda
  • Paper towels
  • Graph paper

For this experiment is to determine from stable, tarnished copper penny, which liquids or materials removes tarnish best.

Line up glasses in a row on a counter top. Make sure that you will not use this space for something else. The best time to do this is in the evening so that you can let the pennies soak overnight.

Fill each cup with one of the ingredients. You should now have 8 cups with different materials in each. You do not need more than about 1/8 cup of each ingredient. Use just enough for the penny to submerged under water. For toothpaste squeeze a little out of the bottom of the cup and put a penny on the paste and then squeeze more on top of the coin.

baking soda mix a slight amount of water with soda to form a paste and do the same with toothpaste making sure the bottom and top of the penny is covered with material.

Let these glasses liquid sit overnight at room temperature.

In the morning put a paper towel in front of each cup. Remove every ounce of liquid has been sitting in and gently rub and wipe off ounce. Use different paper towel for each coin.

After you’re done with all eight make a visual observation. What does each penny look like? Also look at the paper towel to determine which one has the greatest shock to the paper. Using graph paper record each substance and make a bar graph showing how much tarnish each removed.

When you start you should have made the assumption about what materials technology shock best and why it would remove the shock effectively. Was your theory correct?

This science project is great for middle school or high school. It is even possible to do with a younger student in 3rd or 4th grade. Make sure to have a parent help with material by pouring the glasses and disposal. You may want to wear gloves with various materials.

Science Project ideas can be found in your own home cabinet.


1st grade Science Fair Projects


A first grade science fair project makes a first grader to learn science in a fun way. Science Fair Projects plant seeds of interest in science, the child. It inflames their imagination and their interest in the world around them. First grade is an ideal time to introduce a child to the amazing world of science and allow the child to explore and satiate his curiosity or her. The child also learns to be methodical and organized the project follows the scientific method and based on scientific concepts and principles that children are able to easily grasp.

While classroom lecture often tend to be one-sided with the teacher gives the maximum amount of resources, project focuses on the creativity and initiative of the child. The child involved in his project one hundred percent. Science Fair Projects also help in enhancing the relationship between parents and children, as the child relates generally to a parent for topic ideas and finally select content.

For a first grade science fair project to succeed, the following tips should be kept in mind.

1.Allow child to choose an experiment if the topic interests of the child. If they will not do it, you will struggle all the time.

2.While teacher or parent can lend a helping hand and guide the child, the child should be allowed to work independently. No adult should always take full control of the project. An adult should just keep an eye open to ensure that there are no accidents or mishaps. Recommendations and guidelines may also give the child should be allowed to make an effort and draw his own conclusions or her about it. Thus a child learns much more.

3.Allow child to have fun while doing the project

4.Allow child to experiment as one project idea can lead to many questions and new ideas.

5.Allow child to be creative and child can have a completely different perspective on the project.

There are thousands of ideas. A few are:

1.To explain the concept of density, put the egg in a bowl of water and see if it floats or sinks. Replace the water with salt water, sugar water, oil and other liquids of different density and record the results.

2.Make simple lever with a pencil and ice cream stick. Balance coins at both ends and explain the law.

3.Test magnetic force of a magnet by covering it with paper, plastic, aluminum foil, etc. Check magnetic force her.

4. Make different designs of airplanes and test fly the best.

5.Find out if white or dark things get heated quickly in the sun.

6.Demonstrate how solar / lunar eclipse occurs.

7.Make compass with the needle and cork.

8.Plant seeds and watch them grow.

9.Explain cycle.

So, first grade science fair project’s scientific experience and will be one that the child will never forget.


How 401k Tax Deduction works


The first thing to understand about how 401k tax works is that it is not actually a “deduction”. While this is very important to understand, then you have to pick up a little in the process to see why this is both true and important distinction to make.

With traditional account contributions are taken from your income before taxes are taken out. This means many things, but most important to the topic at hand, this reduces annual income, as far as the US government is concerned.

ratio you get charged for the tax is determined by what tax bracket you fall into. If contributions to a retirement account lower annual income enough that you can fall into a lower tax bracket and owes a lower rate of tax for the year.

All this obviously makes it look like 401k contributions are tax incentives, but there is more to it than this.

However, this year, it is the type of deduction, it is more of a postponement. You have only to put off paying taxes on this money.

When you make withdrawals in retirement will then pay taxes on this money.

Why is this such a good thing to do then, if you have to pay taxes on this money eventually anyway? Well, it may not be, but it is likely. The first thing to consider here is that the money you would have been paying in taxes has been invested in recent years until you withdrawals in retirement, earning you returns and increasing your savings. The benefit is that in retirement you will probably have a lower income (that hopefully will not have the income to pay the mortgage or other charges you are now) and will fall into the lower tax bracket, which means you pay a lower percentage of this cash taxes overall.

While this is a lot to take in, when you break it down it’s a fairly simple process. The tax applies to traditional 401k accounts, and is really more of a suspension of the deduction.


Causes Halo Therapy, Speleo Therapy and salt treatment Explained: A Better Breathing Guide


ancient traditional Hindu science of health and medicine, Ayurveda, recommends washing nasal cavity with saline water a day. This practice, called “Network ‘, has been utilized by Yogis for preparation of long meditation and yoga practices to ensure clean and clear airway, breathing easier.

It is easy to say advice grandmother to gargle with saline water old-time doctors left behind science. As Dr. Philip T. Hagen said gargling with warm saline water reduces sore throats and speeds recovery from flues and colds, and can draw excess fluid from inflamed tissue in the throat, also releaving pain. Dr. Philip Hagen has also stressed that gargling with saline water loosens thick mucus, which can remove irritants like allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat.

Salt concentration in the blood is 0.9% by volume. Human tears and sweat the salt solution as well. This presence of saline inhibits many dangerous infections. For many centuries, salt has been used in food preservation. According to the literature, the amount of salt inhaled 45 minutes Halo Therapy / Salt Therapy sessions is 100 times less than the recommended daily intake of salt. Moreover, most of inhaled salt is removed from the lungs to breathe and excreting mucus.

Salt treatment and food preservation mechanism is based on the phenomenon of osmosis. Osmosis is the tendency of a solvent, usually water, to go through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solute concentration is higher, thus recovering strength material on either side of the membrane. Essentially, this means that if a cell is placed into a solution where the solute concentration of minerals higher than its own, the cell shrivel up. In connection with the Halo Therapy / Salt Therapy, are viruses and bacteria have been dried up in the lungs after inhalation of sodium and chloride (salt) minerals.

Bronchial cilia constantly wave in the lining of the lungs and trachea to remove mucous and foreign materials. Their removal protects the lungs from infection and makes it easier to breathe.

Experiments performed by Dr. Albert P. Krueger and Dr. Richard F. Smith of the University of California has demonstrated the negative impact ionization of air sensitive allergies. The bronchial tubes and the trachea, or windpipe, are lined with tiny filaments called cilia. The cilia normally maintain a whip like motion of about 900 beats per minute. Along with mucus, they keep human air passages free of dust and pollen. Krueger and Smith must tracheal tissue to negative ions. This led to the ciliary movement speed up to 1200 bpm and increased flow of mucus.

Mucus in the lungs protects the lungs by trapping allergens, bacteria and viruses. However, if the mucus is not the lung becomes toxic, decreasing amounts lungs and obstructing the airway. Consequently, the body (Halo Therapy / salt treatment) is sometimes required to improve lung function. “Amazingly, scientists have found that the bacteria have enough common or chemical consciousness to come together and form field colonies. These field colonies of bacteria are called ‘biofilms’. “(McCabe, 2004)

pulmonary respond bacteria biofilms that multi-cellular organisms, and are anaerobic, which means they can not live in oxygen-rich environment.” A prolific variety of environmental niches formed, and biofilm ensures protection from antibiotics and toxins (poisonous substances, in this case negatively charged ions). “(Network, 2001)

Dry salt aerosol is negatively charged (such as oxygen), it can be oxidized biofilm structure, which may lead to biofilm disintegration. One can compare oxidation biofilm rusting metal. Thus disintegrated biofilm structure may be removed from the lungs. Additional amount of water drawn to the lungs through osmosis (caused by salt minerals) diluted biofilm, further accelerate biofilm and mucous removed.

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. “

– Voltaire

McCabe, E. (2004). Flood your body with oxygen. Miami Shores , Florida :. Energy Publications

Net, J. (2001, July 14). Science News, 160, No. 2, [17-32].


The The information in this article should not be considered medical advice. The information is the result of long-term research and it should be considered only as an opinion. The information in this article is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any ailment. Always consult your doctor before taking the product or for any advice you have read in this article.


The greatest Funny Science Fiction Books


If you think science fiction books are not your cup of tea, then you should think again and read this article. Among the myriad of science fiction novels written, most people are not worth remembering or even read. But some of them will be included in the collective memory of our genial literary works. Maybe one day science get as much credentials as a “normal” literature.

among the best SF books available, it is a genre that draws my attention. This type is funny SF. Humor is a virtue that touches everyone. According to the philosopher Henri Bergson, laughing is the only quality that distinguishes humans from animals. As humor is universal appeal, one may not particularly enjoy science fiction stories, but may well enjoy this very funny and very genial masterpiece.

Many science fiction writers have a talent for humor. These include Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein, Frederik Pohl and Kurt Vonnegut (if you consider him to SF writer). These authors have easy prose filled with funny characters. But some science fiction books stand out for their funny genius.

“The Space Merchants”, written by Kornbluth and Pohl, is a novel about dysfunctional future where advertising has taken over. The world described is overwhelming and very avant-garde, think this novel was written in the 50!

Another great work is “The Sirens of Titan” created by Kurt Vonnegut. This is the second novel Vonnegut, and probably one of the best ones of his. Saga was too ridiculous to continue. But as usual with Vonnegut, mysterious Dystopian future world he describes is majestically filled with stingy political satire.

Finally, Douglas Adams’ “trilogy in five parts” is a series of novels worth reading, science fiction aficionado or not. Originally founded as a radio, the story of earthling named Arthur and extraterrestrial friend, hitch hiking through the Galaxy is the work of breathtaking imagination and brute force funny.

So if you’re still not convinced that science books are not for you, think again and choose one of these books for a try.


3rd grade Science Fair Projects and ideas


3rd grade Science Fair projects are very fun because at this age children are eager to explore the world around them and find out how things work. They are constantly wanting to know the answer to the question “What happens if I do this …” and it will probably come up with many different experiments they want to try. It can be difficult to decide on just one!

At this age they have a short attention span, however, such projects must be simple, fun and rather short. There are many, many different project ideas for this age group; not all the children in their class have the same size hands and feet the same size as each other? They can research this by tracing the children’s hands and feet on the issue and to compare them with each other.

they could do tests to see whether the waterproof mascara is very waterproof. To do this you would need a pair of brand waterproof mascara, a piece of paper and water. Simply put mascara on the sheet and rinse it under water to see what happens.

Another fun 3rd grade science project was to see if raw eggs and hard boiled eggs spin the same number of times. Obviously they would need help from adults with this one for cooking eggs, and then they simply need to turn each egg and record the results. There are lots of great third grade science project out there; it’s just a matter of finding one that interests them.


Food in the classroom: Science Experiments Using Lemons and egg


For many children around the world, learning about science can be boring and often complicated experience. However, it does not have to be this way. There are many ways for teachers and parents to make science fun and memorable using simple household items.

with common items like egg and lemon, for example, it is easy to demonstrate the simple scientific concepts such as how forces and electrical work.

Fun experiments with eggs

easy show to begin with young science students is how to squeeze an egg without breaking it. Make sure each student has their own raw egg and teach them to put it in their palms. Each hand should then close around the whole egg, apply pressure evenly all over it. Children who have never done this experiment before will probably expect it to break. So if someone is nervous or afraid to make a mess with its egg, give them a little bag to carry the experiment for reassurance. If the experiment is done correctly, the egg will not break. That’s because the curved surface of the egg means that the pressure is distributed evenly does not cause it to crack, explains why a hen can sit on an egg without breaking it. However, applying uneven pressure – such as cracking half egg along the side of the bowl – means that it breaks easily

Another great classroom experiment with eggs helps to explain the density of young students .. For this experiment, you will also need salt, water and glass that is wide enough for comfortable egg. Dissolve around three tablespoons of salt in 250 ml of water to make a very salty solution. Fill the glass halfway with this salt solution then carefully it up with plain water. Two types of water should not mix, so tip the glass at an angle and pour normal water along the side of the glass so it sits on top of the salt water. Then carefully put the egg in a glass. You will see that the egg will sink through still water, but when it meets salt water, it will stop moving so it floats in the middle of the glass. That’s because salt water has a much higher density than plain water, so it is a great way to teach children why people so easily float in the Dead Sea.

The learning potential lemons

Lemons are also a great way to teach children the basic scientific concepts. Start by making invisible ink with lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon into a bowl and add a few drops of water. Then dip a q-tip into juice and water mixture and use a wet end to write something small on paper – for example, getting a child to write their name. Write will be barely noticeable. When the paper is dry, keep it near something warm like a light bulb. As it heats up, letters will start to show up, make invisible ink lemon visible. This happens because the lemon juice is heated, it burns and turns brown. This experiment can also be done with orange juice or vinegar.

Another effective classroom experiment with lemons make fruit battery . This experiment is a bit technical so may be more suitable for older children and may need to be carried out in a laboratory. There are many different ways to do this experiment, you will always need a lemon, two different types of metal (such as copper coins and steel pin or zinc-coated nail), and some wire with alligator clips to hook up devices which will measure electric current. By installing both types of metal in lemon and connect it with alligator clips to multi meter, you can measure how many volts of electricity lemon battery emits.