Shortcuts Science Experiments Made Fun and Easy


Quick science experiments are easy to come by, and can be just as interesting as complex and time-consuming task available. It is simply a matter of finding a quick science experiment that interests you.

Think of a question you would like answered and put it into action. An example of a simple test would be to see what type of water will more ants, sugar water, salt water or plain old tap water. It’s just a matter of collecting a few ants, mix the water and lay it out for them to see that they prefer.

Other attempts quick science may be able to get a few different colored markers, a piece of paper and write the names of some colors, a different color than the actual color you are writing. For example, you could write the word red and green color signals. After you have a list of colors written down you can test your friends and family to see if they are able to say the word you have written down or if they say the color of printed.

This is a classic left brain – right brain conflict. The right half of the brain is trying to tell the color, and the left side of the brain is trying to say the word. See how many of your friends and family can get it right. A science experiment need not be time-consuming to be successful, it just has to be interesting to you and show the answer to your question.


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