Scientific Truth About Motivation


One famous quote goes like this, “the motivation is the fuel for success.” It is indeed interesting to study the psychology of our own mind and how incentives work and push us.

study was conducted at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States (USA) with a huge group of students. Challenges were given to students, with projects ranging from simple physical tasks, memorize a string of numbers, Spacial project, solving word puzzles, etc.

3 votes awards were included as an incentive, ie small, medium and large cash prizes to the bottom performers, most performers and top performers of her. This type of reward system is quite prevalent in the corporate world as well. Of course, when you see that if wages are high, it is generally expected that he will do better. However, this is not the case in the outcome of the experiment.

results? Mechanical tasks / skills, the higher the pay, the better the performance. However, it was noticed that when it comes to basic cognitive tasks, leading bigger prize poorer results. If the tasks are more complex are requiring more thinking than mechanical, do this and do that, type of project, the results are back!

In another case, the experiment was repeated in other parts of the world, rural India, it was found that the results were quite the same. The people there are great to make a simple straight forward task. However, the offer moderate wage has no differences compared to those who are getting low reward. but when it comes to those that are available on top salaries, they did the worst.

Now, we all know the scientific truth behind motivation. Finally, to be successful, do not make your task complexity. Keep it simple and put it in a step by step checklist prize stated clearly after each check, you will be motivated to succeed.


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