Science Project Ideas


Science Project Ideas are sometimes hard to come by. When your child comes home from school usually in January or February and say, hey mom and dad my teacher sent home this in mind we have a science project due in three weeks. Here are the details of what we have to do and this is the mission board.

You suddenly feel overwhelmed. You were just getting back on track from Christmas and are dealing with the beginning issues like tax preparation and finishing at the end of a year of work issues. Now you need to help your child find a science project that is interesting enough, creative and unusual, but still unique enough so that it will not be like any other project students of the school.

Also, children tend to rely on their parents to help prepare much of the project. No matter how much we try to help in some way.

Here’s the science project idea that is simple and easy and you can make a child himself. Depending on the age of the child you have to control them because it uses that needs to be informed and batteries.

This science project will also be a great show at the science fair, where students have to present their ideas and information about why it works.

As a science project idea that you only need three things.

A glass


2 AA Batteries

You’re going to tell all the water will burn.

Fill the bottle with water.

Drop batteries in water and leave them in water for 30 -40 minutes.

Remove the batteries.

Now light a match and keep the lake. The water should ignite and burn inside the glass.

Why water light and burn? Did batteries leak or what energy is being put in the water?

child could research these questions above to find the answers. I know you probably want answers but we science project ideas. Kids still need to investigate why something works the way it does. That is why we make them do science projects so they can research and learn.


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