Science Is Evil?


Common sense tells us that science itself is not evil; that’s what we do with the science that matters. Science is used for both good and evil in other words. In fact, it is not simply ask the question, are they evil?

What we’re really talking about here is of course not science itself but technology. Science can never be good or bad in itself, the science is just a tool we use to measure the universe and his career with. We have found, however, that the knowledge we gather scientific experiments allows us to apply them to the material world in a way that it affects the way we live.

The destructive application of science is much more pronounced than the beneficial ones. It is largely due to the tendency of the media to focus on the negative behavior of people. It seems altruistic our side is boring and does not sell products through television advertising. However, take a good look around you and I bet you’ll find that most of our technology, inspired by science, is neutral. Of the rest, most long technology benefits our quality of life, and only a very small part of that is destructive. And the part that we never see anyway, except perhaps in the food we buy and fumes we breathe (they are not intentionally destructive though).

problem by deliberately destructive techniques such as weapons and bombs is that when used, they have indeed horrific impact on human life. Furthermore, we have wasted trillions of dollars on their development. And worst of all, the most powerful destructive technology has the potential of wiping out life on Earth itself.

So, one has to ask themselves. Is science really worth the price?


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