Science Fiction or reality? Five innovations that will happen in your life


Science has inspired millions to look into the future, and just imagine what it might actually look like. Great writers like Jules Verne and HG Wells saw the use of spacecraft and submarines. Great minds like Leonardo Di Vinci drew plans of aircraft and helicopters, half a century ago. Maybe these five inventions could probably happen in time in our lifetime?

1. Holographic Television

Imagine watching a movie, without a monitor. Holographic TV could change how we see things today, on our screens. Maybe we could even feel as if we are inside the movie itself.

2. Flying Cars

There are already prototype flying cars, but in the future our skies could be the new highway. These cars probably would be fueled by solar energy, and remake the way we design our cities.

3. Food Pills

A looming food crisis could encourage us to develop new ways of how to feed people. If estimates are true, it may be 12 billion people by 2030, and a huge loss of land by global warming. Food pills could be one answer, which has been used to feed astronauts in space.

4. Smart Clothes

clothes in the future could be prepared and ready. They could heat when we are cold, and act as air conditioning, when we are hot. Also, it would replace the traditional fabrics like cotton, which requires precious land to grow.

5. Free Energy Pod homes

our attitudes are changing with the growing population, fossil fuel crisis, and the loss of land through rising sea levels. A home in the future could be more compact and portable, with its own independent power source, nano technology, alternative energy sources, and the need for less space to make this dream possible.

flood lands could become a mini-pod cities where the movable pod as home could slide structure of the lake, creating a mini-oasis in the new rising sea.

sometimes we look at the future with unrest, but solutions have been found in the past to solve similar fears from our ancestors. Humans are adaptable and creative, and one reason why these inventions may appear in the future, to change the way we live.


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