Science Fiction of Space Exploration – A look into Carl Sagan’s World


Where science stops and science start or they overlap closely to love the future, the potential of mankind and perfect human life in the galaxy? These questions and more are answered in the best book that I feel compelled to recommend to you :.

“Carl Sagan’s Universe” by Yervant Terzani and Elizabeth Bilson (1970)

The book is part of physics, a lot of speculation and a good amount of science fiction, basic knowledge in the 1970s, it’s a great job, and the kind of thing as a teen or young adult could read and decide for a career as a scientist or astronaut. There is information about Russian planetarium program and the search for life on Mars; and the theory of life in the solar system other than Earth.

It asks questions and considers the ETS or extraterrestrials high intelligence, based on the equation of Drake. It answers the question; “Why bother looking for Off Planet life?” Then it looks into the unknown, and dives in the future discoveries in physics for things like wormholes, time travel, and explains that the age of exploration has yet to come, although in the 1970s NASA was full throttle, but it was only beginning.

The book explains the difference between pseudo-science, science and scientific theory or accepted scientific theories. The author explains the need for education, visual presentations of new ideas, media and journalists, as well as the relationship of science, weapons and the future of mankind. They begin to discuss global climate change (yes, even back in the 1970s, although the ice age, not global risk).

Finally, he talks about religion and science, and ends with a tribute to Carl Sagan, author, advocate, science fiction writer and a man ahead of his time. I really can not say enough good things about this book, I just hope that you too will buy a copy.


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