Science Fiction Literature Lecture Series Audio Book Review


There sure is a big difference in science fiction literature or modern signal “Sci Fi” and you have to be careful when you tell people that you like science fiction, which are likely to mark you Wacko. The brand has certainly increased in the twentieth century it has become very popular thanks to Hollywood to do some of these classic novels in major films.

Films like Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Gattaca, Logan Run in 2001 and most recently the blockbuster Matrix has done wonders in promoting basic readers and fans of the genre. Of course, to truly understand how all this came to be, perhaps it might be wise to understand the whole story. So I’d like to recommend a very good audio lecture series, which can be found on the NetLibrary System, available online when you have a library card to the main libraries;

“From Here to Infinity: A survey of science fiction literature – Modern Scholar Lecture Series” by Drouin, Michael DC; Publication: Prince Frederick, MD Recorded Books, 2006.

This audio book modern lecture series is 7 hours and 33 minutes long, and you may have to listen to it twice to really get to know the history of science fiction. It explains all the authors, style, terminology, trilogies, series, and the many policies that are a little out there, not very politically correct and way outside the mainstream; such as Sci Fi horror and fantasy.

Drouin was very careful to give proper tribute and recognize the genius of greats like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series and excellent and numerous works of Arthur C. Clarke and others. I hope you will enjoy this audio book as much as I have.


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