Science Fair Experiment – Momentum


In this physics science experiment you will discover what momentum is and what two things change. On top of this, this experiment will use it you can easily find around the house – in fact, in this experiment, you get to play with toy trucks – and maybe even get to the crash. Who said science was boring?


The goal of this physical science experiment is to find the two things that affect the momentum.

equipment needed

  • A toy truck -. Or anything else that has wheels that will be able to go down the ramp by itself and is large enough to hold large mass- like brick
  • A fairly heavy mass -. As brick
  • A ramp can be set at two (or more) different gradients- plank balanced on bricks or chair makes a good platform.
  • A measuring tape


There are two parts to this experiment -. You’re going to check the momentum of the car at different speeds and carry different masses

To compare the momentum gained by the truck at different speeds :.

  • set up on the ramp at a low deficit and let the stock go from the top. Measure the distance it travels,
  • set them up the ramp on a steep slope and measure how far the truck goes.
  • to compare different masses
  • set up the ramp to the lower deficit, then just put the car down and measure how far it goes -. Pretty much as you did the first part of the first part of this experiment
  • then add the mass of the car (I used bricks). Documentation of how far the truck travels with increasing mass.


Increasing deficit increases the speed of the car. You will notice as deficit, ie speed, increases, so that the truck goes further -. In other words, momentum increases

You will also notice that as more mass is added to the truck, rather it goes – ie momentum increases

Science Fair evidence

To get the exact data you should repeat every situation in the above experiment several times -. say 5 times – and then take an average. This data would be easiest to take the table – with 5 rows and then apply for the average. With a spreadsheet (eg Microsoft Excel). You can easily make a graph of all the data that would impress the judges no end.

Have fun!


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