Science Experiment: How To Make invisible ink


Invisible ink has been used by spies and secret lovers alike for centuries to send hidden messages to their partners. Invisible ink is not just something you see in James Bond films; hundreds liquids from fruit juice liquid household, the specially designed materials, can be used as invisible ink. In this science experiment, become a master, “steganography” by making their own invisible ink from baking soda and send secret messages to your friends

What you need:

• Purple grape juice

• baking soda

• Tap water

• Cotton swab

• White writing paper

how to continue

1. Thoroughly mix equal parts of tap water and baking soda powder in the container until dissolved.

2. Use a cotton swab or a fine paintbrush to write a message in white writing paper, using baking soda and water solution invisible ‘ink’. Make sure to dip the swab into the “ink” often so that the recipient can read the message with ease.

3. Allow ‘ink’ dry well where to write will be completely invisible. The secret message is ready to be delivered to the recipient.

4. One way recipient to read the message to hold the paper up to a heat source such as a light bulb, a hot iron, or it can even be put in the oven. The baking soda will write in the paper to turn brown to enable the recipient to read the message!

5. Another way to read the message is painting on paper with purple grape juice. The messages appear in a different color!

This science experiment works because materials such as vinegar or baking soda are either mildly acidic or alkaline and acid or base weakens paper. The basics of baking soda in the newspaper after the water has evaporated and the paper has dried. When the paper is then held near a heat source such as a light bulb or a hot iron, the alkaline part of paper burn or turn brown for the rest of the paper, display a message on paper!

If you are using grape juice method to display the message baking soda and grape juice react with each other in the acid-base reaction, producing a color change of the paper to enable the recipient to read the secret message. Grape juice concentrate results in a visible color change ordinary grape. There are many other liquids homes that can be used to make invisible ink. Using heat method, you can also use white wine vinegar, apple juice, and even milk!


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