Science, Atheism and the existence of God Wise Solutions for daily life


The saintly and wise unconscious creates dreams is a doctor and a teacher. Her message is symbolic in nature have to interpret; otherwise, anti-conscience that constantly tries to cause craziness would distort the meaning of the dream.

After curing depression and psychological problems, unconscious starts out the many ways in which you can solve all the other problems in your life. The instructions you get in dreams is safe and very helpful unconscious is saintly and is directed by God.

Atheists must understand that there are some scientific evidence for the existence of God and we should respect that. Old atheist attack against religion because it was far from new scientific discoveries and conception is outdated concept today and reflects ignorance atheist movement of new discoveries that confirm the teachings of many religions.

Several behavioral patterns in humans and animals, learn sufficient to prove the existence of a superior brain that created all the patterns and organized functionalism of all plants. The huge change in the existing plant and animal species in our planet can not have appeared by chance, and this is enough to prove the necessity of the Creator for all these species. If they would appear on earth by chance, Earth was much older than she is. However, young for her age (4.5 billion years) can not justify even the appearance of the first living cell coincidence, since all the permutations and combinations for the right formula for your reachable would require time far beyond the age of our planet.

New research and breakthroughs in several fields of science only prove the existence of God, as dream interpretation with Carl Jung method to translate the dream symbols. I simplified this process by continuing the dangerous research into the unknown regions of the soul, detect the presence of anti-conscience :. Violence, primitive conscience that is responsible for the pre-existence of craziness in the soul

With dreams, get guidance from sources that can give you balance and wisdom, so that you may live happily and to help the world live happily like you , by eliminating the craziness inherent in your psyche by converting it into a positive part of the human conscience.

After solving all existential, psychological, mental and emotional problems and find peace, health and happiness, you have infinite possibilities to use the knowledge you get from these wise source. For example, the unconscious can help you discover a cure for a certain disease if you are a doctor who does research. Or you can find how to solve the problem of a dishwasher if you have a basic knowledge essential and what is important to you because it is part of life.

The wise unconscious can help you in all aspects of your life. It will give you useful and positive information you can trust that will save your life many times, in all difficult situations and problems that you may face. Moreover, it will also give you useful information and instructions so you will be able to successfully solve the basic problems of everyday life, so that problems at work or social environment.

You see dreams that predict the future and showing you how to correct what could possibly develop bad in the future; you can prevent falling into the traps of your enemies and discover a conspiracy against you before you are attacked.

You will basically learn how to transform your enemies into admirers who respect you and stop troubling you.

There are endless possibilities for you with the knowledge you have of the measure by interpreting your dreams come true completely free for life, without conditions. The unconscious is a doctor and consultant that will never marketed anything or ever leave you for any reason. This is a guarantee that only can be given by the weekend and wisdom.


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