Science and education


The greatest blessing for humanity’s emergence Science for bringing social prosperity through the spread of knowledge and education. Science has helped her to the sky, measuring the depth of the sea and wrest from nature many hidden treasures her. In recent times, it has changed human life beyond all imagination. With advanced their inventions and discoveries, science has thrown a major impact on social life and human suffering, remove ignorance and difficulties. Science has extended the frontiers of knowledge society in various ways and in various directions. It has allowed a man to fight natural disasters and to revolutionize industrial and agricultural processes.

Education has greatly improved with the help of Science. Now people are more aware and want to know more and more about the latest happenings all over the world. In modern science, more emphasis is now placed on the television in the education, social and ethical areas. Now it has become possible for a person to sit in the cozy confines of his living room and watch the latest happenings in the world from his home. The expansions tion education through television has been tremendous. Moreover, it has a great educative value. As on date, there are various programs run by the University Grants Commission to teach various subjects through the media of television. If proper procedures are adopted various subjects like chemistry, physics, English, Commerce and mathematics etc., may very well taught in television. Students also get a lot of such lessons in the form of images on various topics.

Material taught television has more sustained and effective impact on the minds of the audience. Moreover, it is all output experienced teachers who understand the problems faced by students who study with work or can not afford to go to a regular college. In a large country like India, where most of the population is uneducated, the role of science in visual education through television can not be denied.

Science has also contributed the most advanced and well-equipped laboratories for students to learn and conduct practical. Launching INSA and other satellite communication space has given a further fillip to the cause of education. Now the limit state or country do not limit eligibility to receive a particular college. Students can go through various courses via satellite – run programs. The greatest and most important scientific achievement in this regard is to open Internet. The Internet has brought about a major revolution in the world of education and information. The click of the mouse can help him access to a world of information in seconds.

With the help of science, even the minute details of what kind of information or data is recorded wither on cassettes, discs or printed in any book. Libraries, schools, colleges and universities are full of the latest books and magazines on all subjects topic wise. Students can choose to go through the material either on the computer or by going through the books. He has all of the options with him. Science has given him the possibility of many new areas of research and development of science itself.

science has helped students to travel around the world not only for pleasure but to educate themselves about the various wonders of nature and see the historical sites. He can avail the facility of cars, trains, ships and planes and reach their destinations in time. Even he can talk to any relative or friend living in any part of the world at any time of day or night. So he has no tension and can concentrate more on their studies. Students can complete the work for months and years in a few hours. Communication and transport have really made life students safer.

any other form of entertainment has been brought to the door of a student of science, radio, television and cinema is to help the student to reduce the daily tensions of life by providing him the best and affordable entertainment. Certainly, the daily life of students is very different and has improved a lot with the inventions of science. Truly, Science is unlimited knowledge for students and is going to be an eternal source of new blessing in the cause of the spread of education at all horizons in the world.


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