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Recruitment and selection is one of the key processes in Human recourse function choosing the right candidate and convert them to fill the position of the employee from the position the candidate is an art in itself. All HR staff all the words to undergo this operation within the installation work and their activities. This action can be easy given all steps are taken as the process and also a combination of some common sense.

Let’s get clarity on the process step-by-step investigation.

Find Continue.

Resume could be sought and found through different methods. The methods may include:

1. Job Portals: – Naukri, Monster, Times Job s etc.

2. Recruitment Consultant: – Independent recruitment consultant who works at a nominal fee.

3. Word of the Month: – It could be a reference, friends, colleagues, etc.

4. Newspapers Advertising: -. And in the newspapers that comes under the classified column

Job portals

All of these methods are economical or expensive in their own ways. Job portals have a very wide database and at the same time expensive too. Companies and recruiters to pay the annual subscription amount for database candidate who has sent their resumes on job portals.

Recruitment Consultants

External recruitment consultants are those who are hired by companies to provide recruitment consultants provide CVs and again candidate for employees by referring the job description or job description provided by the companies. Candidates referred by recruiting consultant are usually specific to the job description. One candidate is employed by the company consultant is paid a nominal fee.

Employee referrals / word of mouth

If organizations have systems staff referrals workers may be people who match the organization’s requirements. It can also happen through word of mouth in the labor market. Usually, workers who refer a candidate are paid nominal value, employee referral benefit or it could be free depending on the direction of the companies.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper ads are also one of the cheapest modes of engagement. Candidates answer the ad and apply for open positions companies have not covered no more than the cost of advertising is very less as compared to incurring costs through job portals or recruitment consultants.

Cost Analysis Recruitment Strategies

Methods of costs (approximately)

Job portals Rs 11,000 to Rs 650,000 annually

Recruitment Consultant From 8:33% to 20% of CTC

Newspaper ads Rs 10,000 to Rs 100000

Staff Reference Built on the company’s strategy

company data Bank Free costs

above are just preliminary facts about recruitment. It is a great and wide process that has immense scope to change the values ​​and culture of the organization. Employees create a common working environment that can be good, bad or manageable by individual perception. The next article will provide insight on how to shortlist candidates and interviews.


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