art of subtly manipulating someone psychologically is one that can get you a long way in life and help you to be a great leader and to get their own way. It may seem like it’s not very ethical, and that’s because it probably is not, but whether it is or not really just depends on how you use it.

There are many secrets to be successful in spiritual warfare and subtly affect any views or opinions. One is to quickly identify the aspects of a person so that you can better understand it. This is often known as the “art of deduction” or “the science of deduction” as taught by Sherlock Holmes. In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) a person is taught to quickly conclude any “processing” one uses to be able to appeal to their common sense. If someone says “see here” then maybe they process information ‘visual’ and winning the sense will have the most impact on them, but if they say “listen to me” you should perhaps try to more auditory assault.

As with the art of deduction and NLP to analyze things about a person that you can also use some tried and tested methods to appeal to a broad group of people. One is to develop a “rapport” with careful reflection some gestures and movements. Another is to appeal to facts and statistics, or to take the emotion in your approach to try to get someone behind your point of view.


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