Postpartum Back Pain: Can Spinal Injections cause chronic pain



Many women get spinal blocks, also called nerve blocks or spinal injections , the C-section deliveries to relieve pain and allow them to be vigilant. There is some debate as to whether these injections can lead to chronic back pain birth.

Spinal blocks are given through a long, thin needle filled with anesthetic and / or drugs injected into the spine in the lower back. It’s meant to numb the nerves that sense pain and transmit signals to and from the lower body and abdomen.

Where administered under spinal or bundle of nerves that runs along the upper spine, nerve damage is considered rare and implausible. However, internet forums full of mothers with sciatica as postpartum back pain who feel pain around the injection site them.

It is undeniable that many women who have had a C-section experience lower back pain and sciatica pain. The question is: Is this a work-related spinal injection

There is, unfortunately, can not say for sure ?. We have reason to believe, however, that injection can increase the risk of postpartum back pain, but not necessarily because the needle itself. It is possible that women are placed in an injection is a source of pain. Some doctors put a wedge under one side of the buttock while he administered, and this tilted position needs to be held in a few minutes. See investigation of

Another possibility for more information on this potential cause for cesarean back pain. culprit of pain post is expected after birth. Women who have C-section spend the next few days to recover, which involves a lot of sitting. Since stomach has been stretched during pregnancy and injured during delivery, the abdominal muscles are not able to help support the weight of the upper body. This strains the muscles of the back and hips and can lead to piriformis syndrome. This is characterized by tightness in the piriformis muscle deep in the buttocks that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. See relevant case study on

It is rare but possible to inject caused damage to the sciatic nerve. Set nerve damage manifests as tingling, numbness, weakness and, in extreme cases, loss of function of the lower body, bladder and intestines.

There are numerous potential causes of back pain, especially for women who have given birth. Postpartum back pain may be associated with more weight straining muscles and change the configuration, delivery up or spinal injection. It is important to be knowledgeable about the potential causes of back pain; but some doctors say it as normal following birth may be abnormal and become chronic. Take pain seriously, and educate yourself about potential causes and treatments.


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