Phase 3 Project Science Made Fun & Easy


There are plenty of third-grade science project that will be fun for your child to do. Kids this age love to learn new things and find out answers to questions on their own. Encourage them to choose a topic that interests them so it will be fun for them and they will see it through to the end. If they choose the material holes, a parent may end up doing the majority of work and it’s not good for the parent or the child. One fun activity might be to see if the class all the same size feet and hands. All you need for this project is some paper and markers, then trace each child’s hands and feet, and then compare them with the rest of the class is tracings.

Another fun project is to see if the cut flowers last longer in cold water or hot water. All you need for this project is some white flowers, such as carnations, a little water, food coloring and two pockets. Fill one pocket half full with warm water and add some food coloring, then fill the other half full with cold water and add some food coloring. When finished, put one flower in each and see what happens. Make flowers drink hot water faster, slower or at the same pace and cold water?

No science mission will be complicated, just interesting. As long as you use your imagination, you will come up with a lot of third-grade science project.


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