Other grade Science Projects and ideas


Second grade science are simple and fun to do. You should choose a material that can keep the interests of children. At this age they are just learning how to figure it out for themselves, instead of being spoon fed information, and they are very eager to learn new things. It is very beneficial to children to start experimenting at this age; it stimulates their minds and encourage them to think things out

fun experiment for second graders would be to see whether certain types of animals prefer one food over another. such as, ants prefer sugar over the bread? What about the white sugar, brown sugar? Other funny 2nd grade science is a traditional volcano model, however, but this is fun for the kids, it does not really answer the question. Another idea might be to see if the animals behave differently when they are facing a visual reflection of himself as a mirror.

If so, what do they do? Try to play with their reflection? Maybe get mad at her reflection? Maybe they even get scared. Does it matter if the mirror is in close range or distance away from them? One fun activity for young kids might be to see if the shape of a paper plane affects the distance will fly. You can try this out by making long narrow plane and short small plane and see which one flies further. There are tons of fun activities for this age group; it’s just a matter of picking one from many.


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