MIDDLE SCHOOL Science Projects – Turning Non-Experiments Into the real thing


MIDDLE SCHOOL scientific almost always be in the form of experiment. The trouble for most students is that most of the time, projects that are on the Internet or in books either protest or models. Since they do not follow the scientific method, neither of these qualify for a high school science fair.

The good news is that many times, the model can be used in the experiment, and variables can be added to the presentation, so that it can be one too. Here are five examples of projects that are modified to become an experiment

-. How can you make potato Canon -? This is a fun project, and it shows how cool science can be, but it does not try anything. How can you turn it into an experiment? Change course, and ask, “At what angle will depend potato potato Canon longest?”

– What happens when the seeds germinate? – This is a great lesson, but what are the children to compare? Turn it into an experiment to test “At what temperature do not seeds germinate best?” Use different bulbs Watt to change the temperature

-. How direct change when soaked in vinegar -? This is an experiment, but the project I saw was not a way to measure changes. Results prove effort must be measurable. Come up with a road to measure the amount of weight that bones can support before the break, and you can just won MIDDLE SCHOOL Science Fair phone

-.? How hot can the solar heat gain – First of all, to find the answer to this question can cause a fire! Make it an experiment to test two different types of solar heaters. Draw two as heaters, one with a glass front and the other with a plexiglass front. Measure the temperature of a few days, and see which one’s the hottest

-. What happens when you mix the chalk and lemon juice – Learning acids and bases is fascinating, but there are no parameters – so it is not an experiment. Change it up. Place a piece of chalk in water, the base solution and acid, and note the variance in weight.

Remember experiment is a test of the relationship between two variables that have measurable results that can be replicated. It amazes me that reputable publications science will flag any science activities that attempt. It does not matter that you are still in High School class project is not correct. You can do better than “real” scientists! Turn a ‘not experimenting’ in middle school projects that will amaze the judges, teachers – and yourself


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