MIDDLE SCHOOL Science Fair Projects – Brainstorming Ideas for Science Fair Success


There many materials that can be used for High School Science Fair projects, covering a range of scientific disciplines. Below is a list of scientific questions that can be customized for use by middle school students

o What kind of single cell animals live in the water? How are they different viruses and bacteria? How do they reproduce?

o What is the life cycle of the common butterflies? Mention the stages it goes through from egg to mature adults.

o Explain what DNA is. What is a chromosome? What is a gene? What is heritage?

o Name four major glands in the body. Make diagrams for them and explain what their function is.

o Mention main classifications for different species. How are they different from one another? What are the names of some animals in each category?

o What are the main classifications for the rocks? How are they different and there are different characteristics that make them unique? How did each species formed?

o use edible ingredients make sample aquifer. Show how pollutants can get into the water. Show how the water table can be reduced by pumping.

o Get a telescope and observe the night sky. Draw the constellations you see and explain what time of year it is based on the ones you see in the night sky.

o Pick your favorite dinosaur and research what kind of environment it was likely to live. What kind of food did eat likely? What geologic period of time was it?

o Research how much goes into our landfills each year that can be recycled or composted. What kind of environmental advantages could be achieved if every American could be convinced to do his part and stop throwing away disposable items?

o What is a carbon footprint? What are some things that the average person could do to reduce their carbon footprint, he makes a year? How these changes are expected to the environment?

o What kinds of renewable energy sources are being investigated now? How will these benefits help the environment? What can be powered using these alternatives?

o Yeast are single celled animals used in baking and brewing. What function they serve? How they conduct their work?

o What are the cells found in the blood? What function is any cell performs for the body?

o What are the four blood types found in humans? What is Rh factor? As blood type is the most common? Which is the least common? What is allele?

o What is the lightest? What atmospheric conditions necessary for it to form? Why is it so dangerous?

o What is wind? What causes it to move across the surface of the earth?

These are just some of the many questions you can build a middle school Science Fair projects. Choose the category of interest to build your theory is a good starting point. Find content interesting to you is the key to winning science fair project.


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