Logic and misunderstandings logic as it relates to the Bible


Logic is the art or science reasoning. Therefore, think logically to conclude the matter as it makes sense. People who find fault with the Bible tend to use faulty logic for their claims. This is why it is necessary for trúvarnarmaðurinn to learn and understand the logic so that it can provide a logical, objective and accurate answers to his criticisms. Logic is a normative science of inductions and deductions. It is a bridge that takes an idea from concept to model. Logic is referred to as the “science of science.”

deductive / inductive Logic

Logic addresses inductions and deductions. Inductive reasoning is forming conclusions from a given set of facts. In deduction, the results of just general statements. These statements are called housing. In Apologetics, deductive reasoning is the one that would be used the most.

in deductive reasoning, it is not always easy to establish a true or false result. It all depends on the ground. If one or more of the premises are false then obviously the result was wrong, or at most, does not make sense. When all the conditions are true, then the conclusion would make sense.

Villa and misconceptions about subtraction

If precise deduction will be all the necessary elements are to be used. If any of the required elements is missing then the consequences would be “misunderstanding deductions.” These misconceptions come about through misuse or careless use of Logic

There are several categories of errors deductions, three of which are the following: -.

1. Errors business Obversion

Sometimes it is necessary to change the statement in another form. So it is important that the statement makes sense or hold intended meaning more or less. If this is not done, then you have error trade-obversion or false deductions.

2. Errors due to ambiguity

Due to the sentence or statement is constructed, two or more meanings can be derived. This is how the ambiguity errors may occur. This can also happen when the Bible is translated into various languages. Not all languages ​​can convey the same meaning in the same way that in some cases errors ambiguity appear.

3. Fallacy of Accent

Error accent is caused when the order of words is changed for example,

I eat

Can I eat

these words, turned give different meaning. This fallacy is used a lot of those who say that the Bible is contradictory and full of errors.


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