Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy


I’m a big fan of all three genres and not just because I like dragons or blood and guts, but because it opens our minds to other worlds. Where would we be now if it were not for the imagination? Most of what we take for granted was first conceived writer many years. The idea of ​​talking to someone face to face, the electronic device was so far fetched that it was labeled science fiction. But now we have the iPhone with FaceTime and many other operators looking to jump on the band wagon.

The idea of ​​living on Mars was just ridiculous when written about, but it made a good read. Now when you look at a documentary that highlights the possibility of colonization of other planets with March being the most obvious.

Even the term “robotics” was first invented by sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov called and is now widely accepted term within the scientific community. Where will it end? The answer is simple. How far can your imagination go? Pretty far, I would say.

not take me the wrong way. I love all the books and all the stories. I can read a thriller or crime as well as horror one they are based in our own world and it is more or less something that we see played out in the newspapers and tabloids every day. The appeal is to see the good guy win. But when it comes to other worlds there is a whole new set of rules. Different political mean you could kill a man in the street with nothing. You can venture into the distance of galaxies and planets from you the comfort of your own living room.

Science Fiction one is one of the most popular brands in the world producing films such as Avatar, X-Men, The Green Lantern and Star Wars but the horror has produced classics like Hellraiser, Saw, The Candyman and The Exorcist.

Horror has produced some of the most memorable books and films in the world. One example would be Stephen King The Shining.

Fantasy itself is nothing to smirk when you have such stories Avatar or Lord of the Rings.

People are so apt to tell these three types of rubbish or Hocus Pocus, without their knowledge that most of their favorite films started life as a book.

One of the greatest joys in life is to read, take you places you’ve never been before and some you do not want to re-visit anytime soon. But they always leave a lasting impression.


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