Fundraising Ideas for Science Clubs


Science companies are one of the neatest group of students may belong. To be part of the company allows for educational opportunities that do not really exist in other areas of life. Things like playing with liquid nitrogen, build an electric motor, do dissections and learn missiles are all incredibly fun and educational activities that members get to participate in.

To do that, however, the company needs money. Obviously any good science club dues will cover some of the expenses, but if you want to do big projects, like dismantling machine or dissecting a shark, you have to have a fundraiser.

When your leaders and coordinators meet to fund raising program, they will probably all agree that the fundraiser has to be fun, easy, and raise a lot of money. Other criteria that is coming more and more into the science club fundraiser debate is whether the fundraiser is in education. Since the whole point of your business is to teach the members, why not choose a fundraiser that does the same.

Some of the best fundraising ideas for companies that focus on science are green fundraisers. There are a lot of options available to groups that focus on biology, sustainability, and energy conservation. With each type of fundraiser, science lesson can be easily integrated.

One of the most popular fundraisers is a plant fundraiser. Plants can be flowers, trees, and even vegetable gardens. Science company can document growth of various plants and their yield over time. For the vegetable garden fundraisers, club members can also examine the impact of different environments on vegetable production.

Sustainability fundraisers usually focus on issues such as the reduction of plastic bag waste. Have a science club investigate the impact of each bag in the field of plastic bag waste and its impact on the environment.


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