Fun Science Experiment – Crushing the can with Air


You do not have to buy expensive science kits to have fun with science. There are many attempts fun science can be done using only household items. I’m sure you’ve probably seen a lot of science experiments that make it explode. Have you ever seen one that can make things implode? Well, there’s no better time than now to learn how it is done

For this experiment you need :.

-An aluminum can (soda can)


-A pot

-Kitchen tongs

Lets start this fun science experiment by filling the pot with cold water. Now we need to add 1-2 tablespoons of water in an empty aluminum can. Heat can until the water begins to boil in the can. You must know that the water is boiling when you see the vapor cloud escape opening the can. Make sure the pot filled with water close by. After the water in the can has boiled for about 30 seconds, quickly turning the canister upside down in cold water using forceps. The can should immediately implode!

Why did this happen? Water vapor generated from heating the can push air out of a can. When Can is inverted and put into cold water, water vapor condenses in the can quickly causing the pressure in the can to fall rapidly. Now there is pressure higher than the pressure inside the canister causing the can to collapse! This only works that can weaken and can not withstand the pressure difference. A stronger share would have much greater pressure difference to collapse.

There are a number of science experiments that you can do with the concept of pressure. I encourage you to get creative and experiment with pressure, you will be entertained for hours.


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