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volcano is actually formed when molten rock, ash and gases are dispersed from the erosion in the earth’s crust. As molten lava that gathered around the clot erosion, volcanic mountains structure is formed. Home School programs I design always consist of activities involving the creation and work of a volcano.

Some structures are conical lava is thicker and solidifies before it goes far. Some organizations are flatter, the lava is thinner and travel increased area before becoming solid. There are also volcanoes that erupt on the seabed and spew lava above water. In some places, the islands have formed a sea of ​​volcanic eruptions. The homeschool program I design I teach kids how to build a conical or mountain-shaped volcanoes.

Some volcanoes erupt again and again and are called active volcanoes. There are some who have shown a history of the glacier after the great period of may be a hundred years or so, and are called dormant volcanoes. There are several volcanoes that have erupted hundred years ago, and scientists believe they are never going to erupt again :. Extinct volcanoes

Today I am going to show you how to build your own volcano and make it erupt. Home School programs are fun because they allow you to do this on a table or on the kitchen island to your

First you must build the structure of the volcano

The Volcano Structure: .. In mixing bowl record two cups of flour, two cups of soil, one cup of sand and one cup of salt. Now slowly add hot water and start to mix the contents to form a stiff dough. Remember to add water slowly or else you can get a thin paste. If the mixture is thin, add more flour as per the requirement and mix thoroughly. Once the required consistency is reached, you will begin to build volcano structure.

Make mountain dough in the cookie tray. When the dough is still wet, carve out a piece of dough from the top of the mountain to make holes the size of a Dixie cup. Now take a thin iron rod from the base of this Dixie cup with a hollow bottom of the mountain to form a thin tubular channel joins Dixie cup holes to the base of the mountain.

Add thin tube through this channel in a way that it comes out from under the foot of the mountain and there is still spare tube left at the base of the mountain. Now one end of the tube is attached to the base of the hollow and the other end is free. Attach rubber bulb pump to the free end

Ensure that the base of the volcano is close to the cookie tray so that no Reactant leaking out from the bottom of

reactants .. Fill a bucket half with warm water and add a cup of liquid soap and two cups of baking soda to it. Gently mix the solution without foaming it. Fill another bucket half with warm water and add a cup of aluminum sulfate (found in gardening area hardware store phone) and some red food coloring. Stir gently

The Reaction :. We have prepared two solutions. When the two solutions are mixed in volcanic pit, you’ll see red lava flowing from a volcano. As lava push rubber bulb and see the volcano spew out lava in the air.

by pressing the rubber bulb immediately remove the ball and clamp tube with a metal clamp to avoid foaming liquid from sucked into the bulb. You can attach the ball and repeat the action for further spewing.

homeschool programs use volcanoes to teach how two or more chemical reagents combine to form materials that are different and release gases.

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