Fifth grade Science Projects That Rock


A Fifth Grade Science Project can be one of the most fun projects in school that the parent and child can do together. Here are some really good ideas science project that our family has done. The projects are easy to do, but they meet the requirements of most science fairs and most fifth grade teachers. Take ideas, and find out how to get step by step instructions at the end of this article

These are investigative science projects, which include science experiment :.

o is featured ice affect melting time? Use the same amount of water, put in different shaped containers and freeze. Then see how much time each piece of ice begins to melt.

o What toilet tissue is the most biodegradable? Take a sample of the different types of toilet tissue, and soak them until they fall apart. Set sample through a strainer, and see which samples most newspaper undissolved.

o Which citrus fruit has the most vitamin C? Do indication solution with iodine and starch (it is easy to do!), And test samples of citrus fruit or juice to see who has the most vitamin C

o What type of grain stays crunchy longest ? weigh the different types of the same corn, soaked in water, and then weighed again to see which one absorbed more water

This is show science – .. when your teacher wants you to demonstrate the scientific principle of class

o Demonstrate that yeast produces gas. Place yeast and sugar solution in a bottle, put a balloon on top, and watch yeast give off gas, so that the balloon blows up!

o Show how static electricity works. make the ball dance foil between the finger and the back plate. Watch this one

o Show how chemical reactions can be sped up. Add Alka Seltzer in a cup and watch it Fiz. Then do it again with crushed Alka Seltzer, other times with warm water, and yet another time with two Alka seltzers.

We have done all this science project with our four boys, and they are fast, affordable and easy to design on their own. We also illustrated, step by step instructions on these projects on our website! Whatever you do, remember the fifth grade science actually can be fun and instructive at the same time. So grab a slide rule and a test tube and start the project now!


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