Federal Tax Deduction


tax deductions are given to an individual or business entity to encourage positive initiatives such as charity contributions, investment, education and environmental protection. The United States is known for its large number of federal tax deductions. Apart from these federal tax deductions, residents can benefit from additional deductions implemented by the state government. Apart from the standard tax deduction, a person may be eligible for additional deductions if age or blindness. Married couples have joint tax return are not eligible for tax deductions if their income exceeds a certain amount ($ 145,000 in 2005).

A person who wishes to take advantage of the federal tax deductions may choose from standard deduction or itemized deductions. The itemized deductions are applicable on expenses such as utilities, household, cars and computers; education expenses; work-related expenses; and medical and nursing expenses. Contributions charitable purposes attract special federal tax deductions. Deductions on investments and money transactions apply in cases of bad debts, alimony, legal fees, and loans. Interestingly, federal tax deductions granted even to one who has lost in gambling. All are itemized deductions are dependent on factors such as tax returns every position and income. They have specific limits calculated on the basis of their percentage or a percentage of adjusted gross income (AGI). The deduction can be carried from one tax year to another.

Federal tax rebates have been implemented to benefit the common man. However, there are cases where these deductions manipulated to evade taxes. Large corporations and wealthy individuals often use their influence on lawmakers to modify the existing deductions in their favor. Opponents of this fraudulent activity are very much in favor of the government approved alternative to tax deductions, so that charity spending and investment can be encouraged in a proper manner.


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