Elementary and Middle School Science – Handheld weather station is changing science


Back in the old days, a typical school science meteorologist consisted of three numbers unit said temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Things have changed. Today, basic sciences datalogger technology, also referred to as probe ware with sensors, which are specifically designed for science can still say the three, but a whole lot more.

This system is easy enough to be operated and understand elementary school student and still powerful enough to use in advanced applications of science. The new educational technology includes portable datalogger which acts as a mini weather station. Designed especially for the younger students, this handheld device contains five built-in sensors and LCD display. It is ideal to display and record daily weather and supplies real-time data about the sound, light, temperature, humidity and air pressure.

This type of hand held device can also include a port for plugging in a wide range of additional sensors. This type of unit can be used to monitor and collect data on what such movements, heart rate, pH value, excitement and many others. This is in addition, of course, five sensors already built into the unit.

You just plug the sensor in and start collecting data. Many of the new sensor technology automatic identification of the sensor and are automatically configured to save time and frustration in getting the unit up and running. It is easy to use and the kids in the class love it because they are more involved with this’ hands-on “approach to learning.

The latest technology runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, similar to those found in most cell phones. They can be recharged either using the power adapter or by plugging it into the USB port on your computer with a USB cable. The advanced battery technology enables new, innovative technology to collect data on more than thirty days on a single charge .

Data logging software is an integral part of the technology package. It is important to display real-time data for students and many new software packages is very easy to use. You can retrieve data that has been collected away from computer, analyze it and even copy the table or graph to other applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. You can even transfer data from the software in Excel with the touch of a button in some applications.

There is a considerable amount of technology packed into this compact, pocket-sized, easy-to-use mini weather stations. Whether directly hooked up to a computer or on their own outside the classroom, making this mini data loggers amazing job of providing information to users. And that makes learning fun for the class, as it is a hands-on unit that delivers immediate feedback on the changing situation it is monitoring.


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