Easy Science Projects – Science Made Simple and Fun


Easy science are great for young children in elementary school, or maybe if you run a day care you want something easy for kids to do. Children are naturally curious and full of questions; They love learning and science experiments are very enjoyable for them. They will get a great sense of accomplishment from completing the experiment. There are a lot of easy science projects that can be completed with the content of your own home or in the classroom at school.

Easy science may include tests of any height boiled eggs can be dropped without breaking the shell. Or, any surface will catch the egg softest to prevent it from breaking. You can do this task very easily, just boil a dozen or two dozen eggs (depending on how many kids are doing the project) and you can use a tape measure to determine how much you are going to drop eggs and how high you can skip them out before they break. You can also try to release them on different things like a pillow or a piece of foam or perhaps a sweater and see which one of the things it can land on without a break, you can also try the experiment of different heights as well. Make sure you check your results at the comparison chart, and present your hypothesis. There are so many fun, easy science out there that you should have no trouble finding mission to interest you.


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