Dolphins in Taiji – murder suicide


With great alacrity these noble fishermen spear held air, carry on their hunt. Although not dressed in traditional clothes, or staffing a small thatched canoes ancestors, clamber about 26 men in the ship at the edge of a steep, rocky beach them. This year, as every year, the small fishing village of Taiji in southwestern Japan achieve much archipelago prepare for what some may see as the most barbaric and savage seasons. While tradition metes out sometimes harsh realities upon gentler and more prosaic lives, even this seems a bit harsh and out of character from honorable people who brought us serene sound Haiku and nature worship Shinto. Nets and noise are used to coral these creatures, when looking for their poise and intelligence and copper as their moist flesh, shallow inlet where they are one bar, speared and gutted. With salacious gusto, the barbed wire they could work in humans to thresh all the water, to stab, gears and punching writhing animals. Haul them into their boats, laden flesh and empty death-member, click-die their calls. These are the last rites of what most would consider best our cousin (swimming kind).

This has not gone unnoticed. Onslaught of coverage and the necessary public outcry met these fishermen and great tradition. Many conservation, animal welfare and environmentalists have swum to aide dolphins. In trying to interject itself between the boat and bottle-nose, many find themselves at the junction of the end of the spear and the end of their life.

“So it was a traumatic experience that our values ​​were attacked fiercely by western environmentalists and animal right activists.” S. Hama Naka, the mayor and the people of Taiji

If honorable Hama Naka-san’s terrified the ADO stirred the blood roaled waters, he might wish to disappear, eyes cast geisha-like down when the boats come to the port, should fins and flippers and Mercurial ire of the international community.

So we come to the grand irony, symbolic guests. If like us, proto-hand dolphin, under all load water Darwanism, had taken the fingers as swimmingly as men, they would be raising a solitary figure this secretly suicidal sailors and their compatriots who want to buy, eat and be poisoned with very meat that they are taking such heat for receive. out that under the Japanese Ministry of Health has found that mercury levels were found in the liver and other tastier and sought after organ “of the permitted level of about 5000 times and consumption of only 0.15 g of liver” and offers “the possibility of acute intoxication by T-Hg (mercury concentration) even after one consuming the product.”

So, the fishing village of Taiji finds itself in one secretly satiric situation. The very act of thumbing their noses at the conviction, conventions and custom culling modern society will literally death. Very poetic really. In order to stave off the fall of traditional fishing rights, they continue to kill dolphins, caused certain death to the villagers. If one were to view this as an outsider, that every man, woman and child outside this piteous, execrable little far land allows, it was praised as one of the most insane and Socaratic-ally behavior task in much riddled fallible human history.

But in the words of the mayor, is much sought philosophy in his message of Taiji, addressing the International and other critics Slaughter ing … “We are proud of our heritage and want to hand it down to future generations.” (See mercury poisoning = No next generation.) “We believe that we know more about their own sea our Taiji but someone who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from us.”

Speaking of dead dolphins, which still proved.


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