Disciplines – Natural Vs Social


Science is the thought process along with the data. But what is natural and what is social?

What is science?

Science, all science, the process of acquiring knowledge through experimentation. Science is a methodology used to understand our world.

Natural sciences and social sciences are different only in what they learn.


Natural Sciences are sometimes called hard sciences. These include topics such as chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, earth science, atmospheric science, materials science and oceanography.

These fields all investigate the world and how it works.

Chemistry is the study of matter. When you study chemistry, learn about what makes up the matter, atoms. You learn about the atomic structure and how molecules form and bonds. You learn how materials react and change.

Geology is the study of planet Earth. This field studies soils, geology, minerals, rocks, gems, Plate tectonics and volcanoes, among other topics.

Physics is the study of what composes the universe and how forces interact with content and each other.

Astronomy is the study of the formation and evolution of the universe, planets, comets, stars, galaxies, celestial mechanics, red shift, blue shift, and everything else that happens in space.

Biology is the study of living things. How the parties work? What is different between plant and apes?

Social Science

Social Sciences still using the same techniques and sciences. Data is to find and identify. The biggest difference in the social sciences, however, the social sciences deal with people.

Anthropology focuses on how people interact with other people and how our culture work.

research Archaeology remains buried civilizations.

Economics is the study of money, the production of goods and distribution of these products.

Research on human geography how they are distributed on the ground and how to edit and manage the planet.

Education can be science too. People study methods are best to learn.

History is the study of the past. Since history requires written something before then, history, literature also study people-people in the past.

Linguistics is the study of human language. How did language evolve? When children learn to speak? How can we learn many languages? How are the sounds and syntax differences between languages? How does language evolve over time?

political discusses politics. Political concerns on how content is distributed among the people. Who gets what?

Psychology is the study of our brains. How do we think? What can go wrong with your brain? How can we fix our thoughts and behavior?

Sociology is the study of our communities and how people relate and communicate with each other. How people behave in society?

So again, the science dealing with the study of the universe and the earth. Social deal with people.


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