Conventional Science Can Not competes With Common Sense


I have been pondering some questions Lately That have really got me to thinking about some scientific theories That are really dogmatic and most like are counterintuitive. I say counterintuitive Because there are certainties questions That science Attempts to answer from a very limited perspective. It is limited Because science for so long has had a regimental thought process That if an experiment can not be objectively duplicated then it is not viable or valid. No theory That can not be examined with our five senses is evenness entertained. Because of this dogmatic doctrine science Ask questions That are counter to common sense. Parts of scientific thought are slowly changing. In part Because there are so many theories That it tries to answer That Brings up questions That do not fit Into its box. One of theories is the big bang and the expansion of the universe. This theory Started me to thinking about a number of concepts from a non scientific view point and asking common sense questions.

Questioning science

Let’s Examine the big bang theory. Science says That the universe came Into existence from What They term a singularity. My understanding is that a singularity is a point in space the size of a pea. The singularity exploded and our universe was born. Because of the explosion our universe has been Expanding ever since. Science says It can only account for 10 percent of the matter in the universe. The other 90 percent They have given the name Dark Matter. There are a bazillion questions I could ask about the singularity, the Big Bang and Dark Mater. Howeverwhole, I want to focus on a couple of common sense questions That come to my mind and I am sure the mind of Many. The first question would be, what made the singularity explode? Seems to me it was minding it own business and then something came along to change the equation and it exploded! The second question is, where or what is the other 90 percent of the universe or the dark matter? One last question, Can the universe really be Expanding? The last may not be a common sense question, but WE CAN tackle it. So let’s use a little deductive reasoning to Examine These questions. I will have to jump to the spiritual side of things to include forces That science will not.

What made the Big Bang bang?

What was it That made the singularity explode? Making the assumption That there was ever a singularity I would have to form my hypothesis around the Laws of the universe. One of the first teachers of universal law and was Egyptian by the name of Hermes Trismigistus. He stated that the universe originated from the mind of The ALL. In other words the universe came Into existence from the mind of what Many have called God. Modern science has Many proponents of a universal mind one of the Max Planck is. Max Planck, the father of modern physics, in 1944 identified this field as the matrix, “he says That all matter the stuff our world is made of origin magnates and existings by Virtue of a force, we must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. ” Science says anything at rest That Will remainside at rest until a force acts on it. The singularity, if it ever existed, was at rest until the consciousness acted on it. I say consciousness Because it is a non-physical force That Can Create. It is eternal. Consciousness is ALL THAT IS / God. Consciousness is forever creatingtheir. It created our universe.

What is the unaccounted for matter in the universe?

The second question is, according to science there is 90 percent of the universe unaccounted for , where is it? Science calls it dark matter. They know it is there but They can not account for it. This is a quandary for science. They can not account for it Because the other 90 percent of the universe is not physical. The dark matter is consciousness. The physical universe exists inside this dark matter or consciousness. Consciousness created the universe. Conventional science wants to say That the universe came Into existence and then we conscious Beings emerged. Another way to look at it is that matter existed and out of matter came consciousness. How Can That Be When matter is not even the base component of existence. What made matter form? Opps, that’s another question. The thought That dark matter is consciousness Will flow right Into the prime law again. Thought is cause. “Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am.” “As a man think so is he.” Science is hampered by the dogma of physical reality.

Another issue ARISE That is how reality is defined. At this point conventionalities science says reality is what can be experienced with its five senses. Howeverwhole, to have the portability to explore our universe We will have to go Into That places we will never be Able to go physically. These places are valid Because We Know They Exist. They are simply not physical. Our consciousness Can go to places That our brain and body will never be Able to go. For example our dream world is a non-physical reality. They are part of our universe. Our consciousness Can inhabit this reality. Studies have been done on remote viewing (the portability to see a place you are not physically at). The existence of remote viewing has been documented. There have been ancient drawing of the structure of atoms well beforehand Microscopes existed. How did the ancients get the picture? Did They take there consciousness to explore one of the tiniest worlds? It was real, it was not just physical. Neither is physical consciousness. Our physical reality is inside our consciousness. Out of our consciousness comes physical reality.

What is a universe?

The third question, is the Universe Expanding? Can the universe have a boundary? This is going to take a little common sense deduction to answer this question. The universe is defined as everything That exists anywhere. If That is the definition then the universe can not be Expanding. Here’s what common sense begs to ask? If the Universe is Expanding then what is it Expanding Into? Hmmm. If the universe is everything That is everywhere then it just is. It can not have a boundary. It can not have a beginning or and end. What did the singularity Exist in? Hmmm. If God created the universe then WHO or what created God so it could create Create the Universe? Who or what created the God That created the God That created the universe? Damn! Give me a minute to clean off my computer screen. My brain just exploded. I hate it When That Happens! Could it be as the ancients have said, that was ALL THAT IS has always existed? Could it be That there is no beginning to the universe as we know it? Could it be That time and space is an illusion of physical reality?

You willhave to explore for yourself

These are questions That scientific instruments may never be Able to answer. These are questions That the ancient teachers have said we willhave to find the meaning for Ourselves. Our reality is more than physical. Expand your consciousness and you expand your entireties being. You willhave to explore yourself and find the meaning for you. You willhave to be brave enough to trust your findings. One thing I know for sure is that your consciousness knows the answers. It has learned through eternity. Tap Into it.


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