Chemical Change Science Project – Cool Chemistry Students can do


chemistry science and include material changes are often chosen by middle and high school students. Many kids will experiment a dramatic chemical changes. When searching for a project, it can be difficult to find an experiment with materials that are easy to find and easy to work with.

One popular project which includes material test determine which fruit or fruit juice has the most vitamin C. A simple indicator is made with cornstarch and iodine. Students (and parents) enjoy watching the reactions that occurs by titration, which is a fancy way of saying “put the drops.” This project can be changed in various ways, allowing the creation of a student to shine. We get many letters from students telling us that this easy science project was submitted to the fair, and was chosen as the winner.

Another great science project involving material change is to watch what happens when yeast sugar ‘Eats’. In this project, hot water and yeast are placed in a flask with a little sugar. A balloon is placed over the mouth of the bottle. As yeast consumes sugar, carbon dioxide is released, causing the balloon to inflate. This project is so fun to watch our kids did it again and again until we ran out of yeast

Both of these tasks can be done as a demonstration. they offer dramatic response that students will be able to track immediately. Both science can also be attempts. They lend themselves naturally question, hypothesis formation and testing. The results can easily be graphed to form a conclusion.


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