Car Donations for single mothers


There are many nonprofit organizations that accept car gifts for many different reasons. They could sell your car for parts, or use it in a charitable manner such as to give rides to people who have no transportation to get to work, etc.

Some organizations give gave cars to single mothers, so that they can go to work, as well as provide transportation for their children. It is not easy being a single mother, especially the woman has little or no income and no transport. A given car comes in very handy for women like this because it allows them to find work, drive their children to and from school, and independence that women should have in society today.

Before choosing the institution to give you a car you need to make sure that the organization is credible and reliable nonprofit organization. There are many places that pretend to be nonprofit, but they turn out to be fake and take your automobile for the greedy, profitable purposes. Churches, as well as places like Goodwill are credible places to give your car.

When you give your car to help charity, you need to log in to the title agency. After you make your donation, the organization is required to give you a receipt to acknowledge your contribution. You should also receive written notice of how the vehicle will be used. If it is being used for charitable reasons, you may be entitled to reduce the true market value of the donation for tax purposes.


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