Best Science Fiction Novels in Modern Times


Science Fiction is a genre of movie making and novels is certainly alive and well. Few walk around have not watched an episode of Star Trek, read or watched Harry Potter, or went to the cinema to watch Terminator or one of the Matrix movies. Although the films are great, nothing beats settling back with a book and let your mind create imagery to imagine instead a vision of someone else

Harry Potter -. Yes, the movies great, but the books are where the true pleasures available in this series. There are a lot of sci-fi series of novels, but few of them are as well constructed and Harry Potter books. Rowling has often stated that she knew exactly where this series was going since she took pen to paper, and anyone who has read the entire series would be hard pressed to argue that the very fact of

Oryx and Crake -. A great story about how greed corporate world could lead to the Apocalypse. Anyone who has ever wondered what goes on laboratories will enjoy this book. It taps into the modern era and tells a story that could be all too real. Few readers have put this book down without ask quite a few questions about where our world is under

Rainbows End -. What have wondered what the future holds in terms of medical marvels will love this book. Imagine being considered brilliant mind only to suffer from the debilitating disease. Now imagine the world finds a cure, but the brilliant mind is now considered average. Instead of having all the wonders of brains, you struggle just to keep up with all the others. The book makes a lot of assumptions about where the technology today is going but certainly raises plenty of questions with the last page is turned

Wife Time Traveler is -. Amazingly concept was taken to incredible levels of the book. The film was very good, the novel was great. Imagine having a condition that literally has you jumping from decade to decade, year to year, or century to century every time. On the other side is the one who has given you his heart, you never know when you’ll disappear or how and if you come back to them. If you enjoyed the movie, the book will take you to places only touched by the film. A truly great read.


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