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Food in the classroom: Science Experiments Using Lemons and egg


For many children around the world, learning about science can be boring and often complicated experience. However, it does not have to be this way. There are many ways for teachers and parents to make science fun and memorable using simple household items.

with common items like egg and lemon, for example, it is easy to demonstrate the simple scientific concepts such as how forces and electrical work.

Fun experiments with eggs

easy show to begin with young science students is how to squeeze an egg without breaking it. Make sure each student has their own raw egg and teach them to put it in their palms. Each hand should then close around the whole egg, apply pressure evenly all over it. Children who have never done this experiment before will probably expect it to break. So if someone is nervous or afraid to make a mess with its egg, give them a little bag to carry the experiment for reassurance. If the experiment is done correctly, the egg will not break. That’s because the curved surface of the egg means that the pressure is distributed evenly does not cause it to crack, explains why a hen can sit on an egg without breaking it. However, applying uneven pressure – such as cracking half egg along the side of the bowl – means that it breaks easily

Another great classroom experiment with eggs helps to explain the density of young students .. For this experiment, you will also need salt, water and glass that is wide enough for comfortable egg. Dissolve around three tablespoons of salt in 250 ml of water to make a very salty solution. Fill the glass halfway with this salt solution then carefully it up with plain water. Two types of water should not mix, so tip the glass at an angle and pour normal water along the side of the glass so it sits on top of the salt water. Then carefully put the egg in a glass. You will see that the egg will sink through still water, but when it meets salt water, it will stop moving so it floats in the middle of the glass. That’s because salt water has a much higher density than plain water, so it is a great way to teach children why people so easily float in the Dead Sea.

The learning potential lemons

Lemons are also a great way to teach children the basic scientific concepts. Start by making invisible ink with lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon into a bowl and add a few drops of water. Then dip a q-tip into juice and water mixture and use a wet end to write something small on paper – for example, getting a child to write their name. Write will be barely noticeable. When the paper is dry, keep it near something warm like a light bulb. As it heats up, letters will start to show up, make invisible ink lemon visible. This happens because the lemon juice is heated, it burns and turns brown. This experiment can also be done with orange juice or vinegar.

Another effective classroom experiment with lemons make fruit battery . This experiment is a bit technical so may be more suitable for older children and may need to be carried out in a laboratory. There are many different ways to do this experiment, you will always need a lemon, two different types of metal (such as copper coins and steel pin or zinc-coated nail), and some wire with alligator clips to hook up devices which will measure electric current. By installing both types of metal in lemon and connect it with alligator clips to multi meter, you can measure how many volts of electricity lemon battery emits.


FAQ Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction


Mortgage Interest can be qualified as a tax deduction for qualified home mortgage. In fact, Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction is a huge tax breaks for homeowners. Here are common questions and answers. Revenue Service (IRS) updates the laws and regulations of each year. Be sure to keep the current tax laws.

How to keep mortgage interest tax?

Lender sent Form 1098 each year. The form 1098, you can see how much mortgage interest paid. From 1098 form, tell you the amount of time set by Form 1040 income tax form.

What is secured debt?

A home purchase that uses a mortgage, deed of trust, or land contract is secured debt. It provides for repayment in case of default, confirming ownership of the home, and records the transaction under local law position.

How to identify qualified home?

Any property that has sleeping, cooking, and toilet facility includes a house, condominium, cooperative, mobile home, house trailer, or boat. Plus, the home must be first and second home homeowner.

Can I reduce mortgage interest rates for renting a second home?

Yes, you can draw as long as you use the home more than 14 days or 10% of the calendar year.

May I several second home?

If you have more than one second home, you can only use a second home tax. IRS does not limit the second home of choice. If a new home purchase, major home disqualifies a second home sells, you can choose a second home as a second home.

What if I rent out part of your home?

You can treat the home as residential if you meet the following. First, the tenant rented items primarily residential. Next lease part does not have a special cook, sleep, and toilet facilities.

is a world under construction considered as a qualified home?

You can consider a home under construction to increase home if the home is ready for occupancy in 24 months. 24 months may begin on or after construction begins.

How would net a destroyed home?

If the home was destroyed by fire, storm, cyclone, earthquake, or other casualty, you can continue to deduct the mortgage interest. However, you will rebuild or sell the land.

Do I lose my refinanced deduction of grandfathered debt?

No, it still feels like grandfathered debt by refinancing your mortgage.


How To Determine The daily dose Garcinia Cambogia Addition


Having established itself as an effective weight loss solution, Garcinia Cambogia tropical fruit commonly used as an ingredient in food is now available as a weight loss supplement. Supplements containing the active ingredient Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and must be taken daily for good results. Daily doses Garcinia Cambogia depends on the type and composition of supplements to take, a person’s weight and weight loss goals being targeted.

talent this extract to suppress appetite and also prevent business carbohydrates into fat are the main features that it offers weight loss benefits. Before deciding daily doses Garcinia Cambogia following factors must be carefully examined

1 amount of active ingredient (HCA) in addition :.

There are two types of supplements available on the market. Simple supplements contain only the HCA composite supplements may contain other weight loss ingredients too. Most studies of this additional and efficiency is achieved by using a supplement that contains the active ingredient in the same proportion as it is in the natural extracts of fruits.

all doses suggested here are based on the assumption that the website contains the active ingredient at a 50% concentration. If a dose is calculated for supplements containing HCA in other proportions it needs to be amended to take this factor into account

2-weight person taking the supplement :.

recommended daily dose of Garcinia Cambogia for people who are not obese is between 500 mg to 1500 mg per day. The dose lower than 300 mg per day produce no significant or noticeable benefits.

Obese people take daily doses up to 3000 mg for effective weight loss. The higher dose is required only if the lower dose does not produce the desired effect.

So far, within the suggested daily dose limits, no cases have been reported where Garcinia Cambogia intake has lead to toxic effects. The daily dose must be replaced by how many meals one takes during the day

the right way to take a daily dose of Garcinia Cambogia :.

For best results, it is important to take a supplement at least half an hour before each meal. However, it is desirable to take it an hour before a meal. The active ingredient HCA dissolves in water easily, is easily absorbed by the body and working very quickly.

If you take three meals a day and a daily dose between 1500 mg to 3000 mg, preferably, the dosage for each meal should be between 300 mg to 1000 mg, to eat one hour before meal

Other points to consider while taking Garcinia Cambogia additional :.

To be effective, Garcinia supplement should be taken before a meal containing some amount of carbohydrates. The active ingredient HCA works mainly carbohydrates. Take a supplement for a meal that does not contain some amount of carbohydrates can be only very limited use.

While there is no doubt about the efficacy Garcinia Cambogia , it can only form one part of a weight loss management program. To produce the best weight loss results, the daily dose of Garcinia Cambogia has taken a diet that is low in calories and regular exercise.


Science Fun For All Ages


You are never too old for science. Toddlers and grandparents Alike Can benefit from science just as much as you or I can. Science is not something That is grown out of. Science is for Any age. But there are more Appropriate scientific experiments depending on the age of the individual.

Different children have differentially interests. Therefore, it is Important to developping and evolve the principles and concepts That you Teach your children as They Grow. Adults are no longer impressed with the baking soda and vinegar lava fountains of grade school, but Many adults pay good money to see magicians put on big shows where scientific principles form the base of the differentially illusions and tricks That are Performed.

You too can find science projects for your children That Can peak Their interest and have a magical Influence on themself. You know your children better than anyone else and therefore you are in an excellent position to Teach Them scientific principles That you think are most Appropriate for Their age and DEVELOPMENTAL level. Knowing our children is the best way to find suitable activities. Here are some tips:

o Make sure That you are not asking too much of your little one. Pushing your child Into doing an experiment That is over Their heads might make then discouraged and give themself the impression That science is hard and frustrating. Do the experiments you want to show your children first so That You Can Be sure to be Able to help themself through the project if Necessary.

o At the sametime That you do not want to go over your kid’s level of understanding, you do not want to underestimate Them Either. If your child has an affinity for science encouragements themself to do experiments That may be a grade level or two Higher than What They are Currently studying.

o Consider how social your child is When thinking about how to best introducer science To Him. Some science projects done as a group Can Help to developping your child’s Ability to cooperate and work well with others. Solitary activities may simply bore WHO Those preferring to work with others.

o Let your children get Involved in the process of researchingã and deciding on science activities That You Can all do together. Allow Them to have some way in the thing that you all do together. By Choosing the science experiment or project to be worked on your kids willhave a greater sense of ownership and Will therefore be more dedicated to seeing the project through to completion.

With all the science project options in life, earth and physical science you are sure to find something That your child Can really get excited about. You Can Choose also how complicated you would like to have the experiment be.


Quick and easy Home School Science Experiments Aeronautics


Any flying object, whether it is aircraft, spacecraft, soccer ball or fly a kid, experience four aerodynamic forces of :. Lift, weight, thrust and drag

Plane uses a propeller or a jet engine to generate thrust. The wings create lift. The smooth, pencil-thin shape minimizes drag. And molecules that make up the plane qualities that weight.

Let’s find out what are all the parts for the planes. You need to get a cheap balsa wood airplane for this next part – check local drug store or toy store. I even find them in grocery stores for about $ 2.

Take Balsa wood plane and try to fly just on the body (no wings or fins). It flips all over the place. Try to fly just large wing (no). Heljarstökk!

Now slide the large wing in the body and fly (fewer somersaults, but still sickening to fly!).

Now add the horizontal stabilizer (lift) tail, and when you throw, add a slight curve so the plane “fish tails” in the air (like a car) … but did you notice that there are no more somersaults?

Add vertical tail (rudder) and see how it currently manages directly no matter how curve-throw

Sneaky Tip :. If you remove the metal clip on the nose in advance, you can add it last to really see what it is … notice where most of the weight is without clamping

Let’s do more things that show these ideas fly

Helicopters 😕 Cut out paper rectangle 5 with 2 inches. Cut lengthwise down the strip, stopping inches away. Tape this uncut inches to the tip end of a Popsicle stick. Fold “rabbit-ear” flaps down in opposite directions. Throw off the balcony and watch the whirl and Gyrate! (Optional: You can notch end popsicle sticks to make sling shots helicopter Make a quick slingshot launch of the loop a rubber band to another Popsicle stick end ..)

Butterfly Cups: Tape two Dixie paper cups together, bottom bottom. Chain together six rubber bands. Loop one end of the rubber band chain of thumb and hold your arm straight out horizontally, palm up. Drape the rest of the chain along the arm. Set glued butterfly cup free end (near the shoulder) and slowly wind the rubber bands around the middle part of the cup. When you wind the end, stop, chain stretching back to the elbow, make sure the rubber band comes from the underside of the cup and release. Cups should quickly turn and take the air, then gracefully down below the landing lights. Try to do one of four cups

Hot Air Balloons :. Shake out garbage bags to its maximum capacity. Ribbon (use way or masking tape) open end almost-closed … you still want a small hole the size of a hairdryer nozzle.

Use a hair dryer to blow the bag and heat the air inside (make sure you make the melt bag).

When the air is at its warmest, loosen your hold on the bag while turning off the hairdryer. It should float up into the air and stay there for a while. This experiment works best on cold mornings. The greater temperature difference between of air the bag is and the air around, the longer will float

Para Chutes :. Attach a piece of yarn or thin band to the four corners of the tissue. Attach a stick, a small wad of stones wrapped in another tissue, pine cone, etc. for central band. Practice dropping them from the balcony and see who falls slow that load

Ring Thing :. Cut the index card thirds lengthwise. Loop one strip in a circle and tape the ends together. Place two remaining panels together end-to-end and tape, then loop in a large circle and tape in place. Put a piece of tape over one end of the straw and gently ensure a round of table. Repeat on the other end with the remaining circle. Make sure that the two rings are concentric (you can see through both a telescope). Throw a little-end first

Free Form Machines: Make an obstacle course with some or all of the following different challenges

hits the target balloon (arm machines with opened paper clips)

-Go over and under pending length of the string

-Make through Hula Hoop postponed vertically or horizontally

-Carry gel bean passengers definitely over shark- infested Lakes (two tablets spread apart)

-Dangle large paper airplanes (from 11×17 “paper or two 8.5×11” adoption papers together to make a 11×17 “) from the air ‘Dogfight’ to earn points if you mean one

– Shoot through a basketball hoop, and dive into the cart.


How to detect a small amount of asbestos in the everyday environment


my discovery came to me accidentally removed asbestos

stuff in my home. The condition of the whole house

after this accident left me with a sore chest, dry and unbearably iching skin and eyes. My wife complained of extreme thirst and my eldest son, 14, developed severe asthma. This

all remain for five to six months. At this time I tried

desparately to determine if we were living in unsafe level of asbestos. The stuff I had removed was tested and found

containing 20% ​​crysitile asbestos. Air sampling proved to be unreliable because the area has been ventilated as well. But furnishings, carpets, walls and all other personal belongings

huldust remains of demolition.Everyone wanted to play down the seriousness of the situation, but I was there

obviously not a healthy environment.

So I set out to try to logically conclude, with knowledge of the physical properties of asbestos, when I came across the stuff I tried to clean every surface and item in every room in the house.

It was fifteen years ago. At the time, as I learned

more about where all encounter asbestos materials on a daily basis. I made mental notes about my and other people’s reactions

these encounters. Many situations have come from

sore throat and skin conditions (acne and skin Basil cell carcinoma), asthma, pneumonia and death. I have no clinically

proof of these claims that I have made, except to say “if it looks, walks and sounds like a duck, and it’s probably a duck.” Many times the clinical studies are confirmed by producing the same results in the second test. Deductive reasoning is also possible to confirm

in the same manner. If the same results are observed again and again after low for these residues then

proof for me.

without writing a book, I would not have space to detail every observation I’ve made this season, but I can assure you that no contact with asbestos without possible adverse health consequence.

Asbestos is very lightweight Chrystal-like material with a very static electrical properties. It often produces static

discharge as a man who is shocked by touching a metal switch plate or a door knob at his home. It often bitter-salty taste in your mouth. It can be flight days at a time. It absorbs moisture and produces a very dry environment (which only allows static electric situation worse.)

The debris may accidentally contact a number

building types and conditions.

Many buildings built before 1977 vinyl asbestos floor tile. No one can avoid walking on this, if they come into the building. This is fine if the floor is well maintained. Look out for broken or worn and never waxed tile. This applies

place in the building, commercial or residential. Closets are

rarely occurred. Items that are stored there will accumulate certain

amount of this material.

When an older building is renovated possibility

for some materials containing asbestos can be.

contractor does’t always do the right thing. In many cases it is cheaper to pay the fine if caught. So he just tear out and throw it in the Dumpster or reduce the copy itself. As a result, many newly renovated stores

have a certain amount of this dust on shelves and new merchandise in the store.

There are many more instances of contact that I do not have time to detail here, but basically, with the properties of the product, knowledge of where you may encounter material and many hours of observation (I have been in construction For over thirty years), you too can do the same

deductive conclutions I’ve done.

In those articles I’ll go into detail on the unique physical properties of asbestos and how this contributes discovery in hair and clothes. In future articles I would also like to increase the number of other health effects I have noticed, such as acne, which could benefit many young adults and the number of people who continue with this complexion problem into adulthood.

For more information on this topic see this page: []


Science Fiction of Space Exploration – A look into Carl Sagan’s World


Where science stops and science start or they overlap closely to love the future, the potential of mankind and perfect human life in the galaxy? These questions and more are answered in the best book that I feel compelled to recommend to you :.

“Carl Sagan’s Universe” by Yervant Terzani and Elizabeth Bilson (1970)

The book is part of physics, a lot of speculation and a good amount of science fiction, basic knowledge in the 1970s, it’s a great job, and the kind of thing as a teen or young adult could read and decide for a career as a scientist or astronaut. There is information about Russian planetarium program and the search for life on Mars; and the theory of life in the solar system other than Earth.

It asks questions and considers the ETS or extraterrestrials high intelligence, based on the equation of Drake. It answers the question; “Why bother looking for Off Planet life?” Then it looks into the unknown, and dives in the future discoveries in physics for things like wormholes, time travel, and explains that the age of exploration has yet to come, although in the 1970s NASA was full throttle, but it was only beginning.

The book explains the difference between pseudo-science, science and scientific theory or accepted scientific theories. The author explains the need for education, visual presentations of new ideas, media and journalists, as well as the relationship of science, weapons and the future of mankind. They begin to discuss global climate change (yes, even back in the 1970s, although the ice age, not global risk).

Finally, he talks about religion and science, and ends with a tribute to Carl Sagan, author, advocate, science fiction writer and a man ahead of his time. I really can not say enough good things about this book, I just hope that you too will buy a copy.


ACT Test: How to learn about science Test


A little known fact about the ACT Science Test can save you a lot of time to learn to get a high score. The fact is that the test is really “science reasoning” test that requires less science background than you might think.

In fact, if I had to choose between going to test a 3-year Science or a good, fast reader and have only 1 year of Science, I would go with being a better reader!

That is not to say that you can not yet do well on the Science test if you’re not a speed reader, but the technology is much more important than science background.

How to study for the ACT Science Test

The first thing to know is that you need to be aware that there are three types of questions and learn how responding to each type quickly is an important key.

  • Opposing Viewpoint: This section provides two different views and asks you to compare and contrast them
  • .

  • Research Summaries :. This section has three different ways to read and answer questions about
  • Data Representation: This section has tables, charts and graphs, and there are some tricks to learn how to quickly read them and be able to get the right answer
  • .

Manage Your Time

When you understand the three different types of questions, you can practice getting proficient at solving each type, one at a time. The key is to be able to get good enough with each type of question you can start to answer them quickly and then save time for those that are harder for you.

There are a lot of online resources where you can learn some ACT Science Test tips by watching a short video. Watch videos is quick, easy and it is much easier to learn than just about anything from the book.


Free Science Experiment Made Simple and Fun


There are a countless number of free science experiments out there. Just think about the stuff you have around your house. There is no need to go out and buy lots of expensive items to create a great science experiment. You can do many experiments with water or food with items you already have in your home, such as to find out what effect salt is the boiling point of water. For this experiment, all you need is a pot, water, salt, measuring spoon and thermometer. Boil some water, test temperature, and then add one tablespoon of salt in boiling water, stir, and test the temperature again. You can add a few tablespoons (one by one) and test the temperature of boiling water for each scoop of salt. Be sure to take your results so you can compare afterwards.

Or, if you want to free science projects with food that you can try and see which place is best to store the fruit to keep it freshest longest. For this, all you have to do is get a few pieces of fruit and put them in various places around the room, perhaps one in the fridge, one of the dining table and one in the cage. Then wait and see what piece of fruit goes bad first and take the results. It does not take much thinking to free science experiment that you can pursue in your own home, or outdoors where you can experiment with bugs and plants.


Tax Savings on Main Home


main Your home is an investment that provides major tax incentives through all levels of ownership :. When you buy it, you own it and generous exclusion from tax when you sell it

A. Mortgage interest and Real Estate Tax Deduction

The mortgage interest you pay on the main and second homes Your tax deductible as an itemized deduction. This means that the mortgage interest you pay may reduce your taxable income the interest you pay meets one of the following criteria.

The mortgage was taken out to build, buy or improve your home and the loan equals one million dollars or less.

The mortgage does not exceed the amount used to buy, build or improve your home more than $ 100,000.

The mortgage was taken out before October 13, 1987.

To get a true picture of the actual tax savings to pay mortgage interest I suggest completing two calculations. First; calculate tax before interest deductions. Then calculate the tax with interest deduction. The difference between the two calculations is real savings tax.

This calculation takes into account the standard deduction and changes in marginal income tax.

In 2006, the standard deduction for a single person was $ 5,150 and married filling material common now it was $ 10.300. Failure to consideration of tax effects on a standard deduction may blow a tax savings of $ 515 to $ 3399th

Marginal tax rate is the rate at which the last dollar you earned is taxed, the rate changes increases taxable income.

Example: Jim files jointly with his spouse and joint income is $ 220,000 they pay $ 40,000 in favor of the mortgage, paying $ 9,000 in property tax and $ 11,000 in other deductions. Their total assets are itemized deductions are $ 60,000 they are in marginal tax bracket of 33% for federal and 6% for their condition so their tax savings of $ 40,000 mortgage interest rates could be expected to be $ 15,600 at 39% rate. Let’s do the calculations and see.

deduction is no mortgage is $ 20,000. We draft exemptions the couple $ 6,600 $ 20,000 after deductions. we came up with taxable income of $ 193,400.and tax of $ 43,803. Then we calculate tax with mortgage added to the schedule A. taxable income is now $ 154.800. Why not $ 153,600? Response to income limitation on schedule A. tax 154.800 is $ 32,748 tax savings of $ 11,055 for federal income tax and $ 2,400 for a total of $ 13,455 this saving 33.6% not 39% income tax state, although this is still a good savings I have illustrated why we have to bear tax tax table rather than just calculate the tax savings on the current tax rate of

Now, let’s answer the question :. Why is real savings tax $ 2,145 or 5.4% less than guest ment?

The answer lies in the complex structure of the tax system. Jim and his spouse would get some deduction if he pays the mortgage interest or not. In this example, they were only paying 33% federal tax on the $ 5,000 taxable income and a 28% federal tax on the previous $ 64,750 of taxable income. Overnight state income tax to 6%.

Those who are in the lower income levels get less tax benefit of dollars in mortgage interest rates until it reaches the point that some taxpayers may not receive any direct tax benefits of the mortgage. Fortunately, the tax benefits of mortgage interest rates is not the only reason to buy a home.

Regardless tax benefits people have learned that the best way to start building wealth is to own your own home.

Next tax benefit that I will cover the tax exclusion on the main home. Those who get a windfall because something happened in their neighborhood to greatly increase the value of their home to find that these tax benefits can more than compensate for the interest tax savings they may miss this.

To help you understand the value of exclusion take a look at the case below:

A couple buy a home and sell it 11 months latter for $ 250,000 gain. Since the property is held less than one year, this is a short term capital gain and is taxed as ordinary income. Depending on other income of additional federal taxes between $ 62,481.50 and $ 82,500. Many states have State Tax that would be up to $ 17,000.

Delaying the sale month so that the sale is considered for the treatment of long-term capital gains federal tax down to $ 31,370. They went up to $ 51,130 just by changing the time limit on the sale of

Now let’s see what happens when the couple meets two simple tests :.

Use of test and ownership test. The two tests simply ask if they had a home and lived in it as your primary home for at lease two of the last five years. If so, each spouse can exclude up to $ 250,000 of the proceeds from the sale of tax.

Once they meet these two tests federal taxes is “0”. In most countries, the state tax would also be “0”.