Are diabetes drugs cause cancer? New Research


failed the drug to cause cancer? Unfortunately, it is true. In this study, only one medication for diabetes did not increase the risk of cancer.

First of all, let me point out how incredibly dangerous for diabetic and prediabetic states are for physiology. It is reliable no more harm to our health, even smoking. Yes – more dangerous than smoking. Of course, a smoker who is prediabetic or diabetic will have a very high risk of most chronic diseases.

The diabetic condition is the one we fight constantly against. In reality, it is our defense against hunger and poverty. Sound strange? That is, to look at society today, where calories are in abundance and there is no cost metabolic get them (bear walking to the fridge vs hunting boar days …). Except for the last 100 years or so, hunger was the norm. Our bodies are very well developed at surviving adversity, so we do well with this scenario.

This also smashes the “bad genes” concept. Those most prone to diabetes actually extreme gene – Gen designed to store calories for a rainy day. But that rainy day never comes in today’s society because lots and lots of poor quality calories are found everywhere.

So back to this particular article. Based on increasingly links diabetes and several types of cancer, the researchers looked at how much diabetes medication can help.

Certainly, diabetes self and increased insulin attached to it will increase the risk of cancer. Insulin is selected from proliferative disease and hormone causes cells to divide more. More cell division increases the risk of mistakes. Villa can lead to cancer. You get the picture.

diabetic drugs, except metformin, doubled the likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer. If one of these diabetics who got cancer, insulin, the risk of dying was 400% higher.

For those who believe that diabetes drugs are lifesavers need to read this article. The only thing that is a lifesaver is appropriate diabetic lifestyle changes such as ..

Just chew more than swallow has repeatedly shown to improve the way our bodies react to food with it, control our physiology of diabetes and health .

Eat more nuts. Make sure that there are no added oils – just raw nuts or roasted and salted with no added oils such as cotton seed or peanut oil. This will free from nuts.

Avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague. Despite the common use and recommendation of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose, study after study confirms that these compounds actually promote diabetes, probably by disconnecting our taste of our response to calories.

Try supplements. Many dietary supplements have been shown to diabetes such as magnesium, fish oil and folic acid. This can be a powerful tool for diet changes.

Calorie restriction. Cutting back on our calories while increasing their quality of calories (ie your 1200 calories a day comes from broccoli and not from the date of the meal) is one powerful change that can affect diabetes. Studies have shown that diabetics on insulin can be off insulin for a week in a controlled calorie restriction.

list is really quite endless and each change compliments the other. But it is not the only change, but changes in diet, chemical exposure, stress and exercise all come together as a powerful tool to steer us away from diabetes.

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However, for them to think that maybe metformin does not look so bad after reading this study needs to look at the cost comparison between lifestyle ($ 1,100) and metformin ($ 31,300). Again, life wins hands down.


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