A New Thinking For your struggles with pornography


generate the images are not as a problem for me, and for most of my life that has been the case, but there was a time – just over a decade now – when I was living as an unbeliever – when I use ‘soft’ pornography. People magazine style porn. Of course, I’m not proud of it, but I am also not ashamed of it either. God has shown me incredibly loving his forgiving grace so I can be honest about it. I know, however, how much a permanent hold such images could if I went once there again once!

Abstinence is the only rational policy when it comes to stopping porn.

I do contend, however, thought my life has not been as clean. I must admit that I’m a normal carnal man, and I noticed that there are attractive women everywhere. God shows me every day in my awareness, impact unflagging hold my desire. I am very fortunate that I’m head-over-heels in love with my wife, but that alone is no defense to go in the arena dream of other women. Oh unrelenting desire me, and where it would take me, if not for God and my desire to live for him alone!

I’ve had to learn to embrace new thinking to negate images your eyes see, the fleshly desires of my will participate with. Not only are these other women my mothers, sisters, daughters, they are made in God’s image, they are God’s possessions, if not another, and they are innocent of possible mental my sins with them. Inappropriate my position must be stopped at source or I there.

Abstinence is really the only rational policy when it comes to stopping porn.

step into new thinking

God’s invitation to examine the problem from its very source. Instead of being fascinated by the shape of a woman breasts, buttocks or body, you should take the reflections shape of God. This New Thinking is part confession, part reflection, and part of the structure -. As we journey with God through recognition of our sins

I’ve found that when I am aware of my thinking to the extent that it is a sin, recognize that it is inappropriate, I have the choice: what to do with it? Be honest for the throne of grace, I take that evil thinking and finding God will hold court with me. If I were to go sin as it is, even the glory of it, the Spirit of God, I am sure, would soon depart. But our willingness to be honest, God, sit atop his throne Grace, will enable us to take up our thoughts. And I think it works well when it helps us to process thoughts through new thinking :. Mechanically

I could ask, “What is this fascination with the shape of the individual, the sound of their voice or their actions dealing with?”

Enquiring mechanical attraction is some positive points. Firstly, it is a recognition of the truth, I’ve fallen in inappropriate, sinful behavior patterns of thought. Second, it is a worthy and responsible disturbance. Third, does the Holy Spirit to shed important light on not only the circumstances were the attraction, but also what it is we are really attracted to, that is constructive that we need to be more aware and appropriate care, the next.

The disorder is not only a worthy and responsible, with communion with God, it takes us in a position to be in perspective elucidates our thinking beyond measure just flesh. God makes our attractions to porn be inferior, as they are, when we bring him into the picture. When we see nature as it is, for example, a plethora of natural phenomena in a myriad of manifestation, we are quickly reminded of the sheer weight of truth before our eyes. The glory of God is self-evident when we see tunnel vision sad carnal fantasy. When I think of the shadow of a bird top shade sails, for example, I saw something new, and I was fascinated outside the fascination of ogling person.

So, New Thinking helps because God is brought into relationship with our struggle. We do not hide from God that only he can help with.

Integrity to approach God assures God approached us with grace. But the lie that God is going, God’s presence was passing from us.

If our goal is to target grace bullseye is hit when we bring our sins to God.

An Archer intends never to miss. Likewise, our goal is to reach to be honest with God.

powerful grace of God is our overcome the power of sin is exposed reached.

© 2015 SJ Wickham.


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