5th Grade Science Project – Simple Science projects Wow crowd


5th grade science project ideas can be a bit more complicated than the first grade the children are between the ages where they can do the majority of the experiment on their own, with the guidance of their teachers or parents. It should still be a fairly straightforward task, mind you, and that they are quite interested in it if they choose materials that they do not really see that they are going to get bored and it will show in their work.

Examples of 5th grade science project idea is to see if people have the same sense of smell, which can be accomplished by having two people standing on different ends of the room while you stand in the middle, and open some different thinking such as vinegar and lemon oil, and see which one smells it first. Have them take often they smell the aroma first, so you can see if they are different.

Another project idea is to see if the food is cooked in a microwave oven cools at the same rate as food cooked in the oven, to do this, all you have to do is cook the same temperature, then put the thermometer in each one and see which cools rapidly. A few more ideas include the brands of batteries last longer, or color of light affects how well it cuts through the fog? There are many, many ideas of projects for 5th graders, it’s all a matter of finding something that your child is interested in.


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