5th Grade Science Experiments Made Fun and Easy


5 grade science experiments are fun because children are able to work more independently and find the answers for themselves. They do not need as much adult assistance and is expected to shoulder much of the responsibility to devise their own content, question and experiment to find the answer.

There are many possibilities for the fifth attempts grade science, including see if the color of light affects how bright it appears in fog or in the water, find out where the best place to store apples, such as a refrigerator , wicker basket or plastic bowl, or find out if the temperature of a magnet affect the magnetic field lines. To find out, students need some magnets, one from the freezer, one kept at room temperature and one heated. Have students trace the magnetic field lines of each magnet by placing iron fillings on a sheet of magnets.

Another experiment students could try to see if starting water temperature affect how long it takes to freeze. All you have to do is to get three ice cube trays (or one and mark the rows with the water temperature you started with) and with three different water temperatures; hot, cold, and temperature. When done the tray is put back in the freezer. The water temperature must be monitored to see which one freezes first, second and third. Be sure to have students record the results of all the experiments!


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