4th Grade Science Project Ideas – Simple Science projects Wow crowd


4th grade science project ideas are pretty easy to make and can be lots of fun for the class. Kids at this age are naturally curious and full of energy so it’s pretty simple to come up with fun activities that can keep their attention.

They are always asking questions, trying to strengthen their knowledge of the world around them so think about the questions they have asked you because there’s a good chance many of them can be turned into an exciting science attempt for them to try.

basically what you need for a successful science project is the question, hypothesis and a conclusion. Some 4th grade science made in the past are to see how the worms react to light, see if plants can grow when watered with liquids other than water (milk, juice, vinegar, etc.) and find out if the birds have the choice to each any material their houses are made (ex. wood, plastic, etc.).

Some other ideas are also to find out what kind of material magnets can go through as felt paper, newspaper, construction paper and experiment to see if ants can find their way back to the ant their height if you move those far away.

Another nice thing about science programs for this age group is that there is not a lot of material involved and the results are usually able to be seen if not immediately, then very soon after the project has been started. Projects like this are great for fourth graders because it makes learning fun and they can do most of it on their own which gives them a great sense of accomplishment.


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